Words and deeds will help achieve goals and inspire others Photo by Etienne Boulanger on Unsplash Bersonal brands are built on passion. The more you can leverage your social networks and in-person communities to build knowledge, appreciation, and trust. It’s evident in people like ebony johnson who juggles several personalRead More →

Part of a special feature celebrating and recognizing the Class of 2022 at Memorial. Chris Gardner was diagnosed with a learning disability at a young age. The diagnosis was associated with persistent mental health issues. Yet he was undeterred from spending the next three decades challenging what he had beenRead More →

Ralph Rolle of the Soul Snacks Cookie Company Erskine Isaac/Courtesy of Double Xxposure Media Relations Ralph Rolle Although fans know Ralph Rolle as the prolific drummer behind Nile Rodgers, Chic and Sting, many other musicians know him simply as the “Cookie Man”. Rolle, 62, has long embraced his moniker behindRead More →

There are many stories circulating about Neil Lennon’s touchline with the referee and the opposition manager during his Cypriot Cup final win over Ethnikos Achna. YouTube: NEIL LENNON EXPLODES AT OFFICIALS, GETS EXPELLED AND TELLS OPPOSITION MANAGER TO “F*CK OFF” It’s great to see him so passionate and fiery andRead More →

May 25, 2022May 24, 2022 Passion and adventure are two concepts that go hand in hand. Having a passion for something can arguably lead to flings and be the catalyst for making a fling seem like a good idea. Unfortunately, the words passion and adventure are more and more hackneyedRead More →

By By Dan Fappiano • 05/16/2022 2:20 PM EST • Last Updated 05/16/2022 2:22 PM Returning to the role of women’s tennis coach at Branford after 20 years, Dave Gruendel understood that there would be a transition period for the program this year. However, the Hornets came to the fieldRead More →

“Everyone is mesmerized again,” said director Christian Stückl, just days before the curtain goes up on May 14 for this year’s premiere. Residents of the Bavarian town of Oberammergau are thrilled to be back on stage, Stückl said. Almost every day, townspeople will take to the huge open-air stage toRead More →

A lone Russian cybercriminal is achieving similar levels of success to massive organized cybercriminal groups by selling a custom commercial remote access Trojan (RAT) for pennies. Searching for the lone actor since 2018, the BlackBerry ThreatVector team revealed that this individual appears to have built and maintained the DarkCrystal RATRead More →

Leveraging her healthcare expertise and driven by a pink slip, Dr. Caillier is now showing entrepreneurs, healthcare professionals and nurses how they can build top-tier staffing agencies. LAFAYETTE, La., May 10, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — CEO, motivational speaker and former nurse Dr. Nicole Caillier announced the launch of its consulting andRead More →

Deandre Hunter’s accidental death confirmed Friday night This spring, Deandre Hunter was promoted to McNair Scholar at WSU — and said it was truly the happiest time of his life. Throughout her college experience, Hunter, a double major in junior psychology and human development, has championed mental health in underrepresentedRead More →

When the pandemic hit, Roseanne Kitney found joy in creating porch signs; “We were so stuck inside that it became a kind of little therapy for me” People have chosen many different hobbies to occupy themselves with during the pandemic, from making sourdough bread to crocheting. For Thorold resident RoseanneRead More →

Max Payleitner fell in love with coaching and this sparked his interest in education. A former college baseball player at Valparaiso, Payleitner originally planned to become a physical therapist. That changed when Payleitner got the opportunity to coach a high school summer league baseball team. His feelings went from playingRead More →

PJ Tucker and the Miami Heat are catching the attention of basketball fans. After compiling the best record in the Eastern Conference (53-29), Miami beat the Atlanta Hawks 4-1 in the first round. The top-seeded Heat then edged the fourth-seeded Philadelphia 76ers 106-92 in the first round of their semifinalRead More →

New Jersey, United States – Comprehensive analyzes of the fastest growing companies Passion fruit puree market provide information that helps stakeholders identify opportunities and challenges. The 2022 markets could be another big year for Passion Fruit Puree. This report provides an overview of the company’s activities and financial situation (aRead More →

Lewis Hamilton on the moon as Formula 1 finally takes place in the United States. Formula 1 has successfully penetrated American motor racing fans, who can now experience the sport in person. There are currently two races in this country on the calendar, with the Miami Grand Prix next weekend.Read More →