A passion for perfect calligraphy | Local Features

Anyone, at any age, can improve their handwriting skills with the right tips, says educator Veronica Carasquero.

Carasquero proves the practice becomes permanent with his new Penmanship Perfect writing techniques book!

The very experienced teacher recently launched the publication. She believes she can help anyone from preschoolers to adult literacy students learn the basics of letter and writing training.

“The objective is to have perfect calligraphy, that is to say a high level of writing. Being a teacher who focuses a lot on calligraphy, I wanted to help my students have a good foundation in calligraphy and, by extension, students in other classes,” said the bubbly second-year teacher at RC School Diego Martin. Boys at the Express on Thursday.

With over 30 years of teaching experience under her belt, Carasquero remains highly motivated and passionate about helping her young protégés achieve their writing goals. The mother-of-two taught preschool for 20 years before joining Diego Martin Boys in 2009.

Carasquero holds a Diploma in Montessori Teaching (Dip. Mont. Ed.) from the London Montessori Center (LMC), a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) (Hons) from the University of Trinidad and -Tobago (UTT) and a Master of Education (M.Ed.) from the University of New Brunswick, Canada (UNB).

She also holds a certificate from the Jolly Phonics program which focuses on teaching letter sounds and writing training and a certificate from The 101 on Teaching your Child to Write course from the University of the West Indies (UWI) focused on letter formation and structure.

“I saw a way to provide a calligraphy workbook for much-needed help for teachers, parents and guardians, and most importantly, children,” Carasquero continued.

Adults can also learn to write

While the calligraphy is perfect! is specifically designed for preschoolers and early graders — infants one and two in mind — anyone with writing difficulties can benefit from the book, she said.

“Anyone who has difficulty writing, regardless of the level of the class, can use this book. Also, anyone interested in learning to write correctly. For example, children in upper grades in schools and even adults .Use of Perfect Calligraphy!promotes the easy and proper formation of capital and common letters through grouping of letters, the formation of which is similar alongside a number of guides including even adults in adult literacy programs can benefit,” she said.

The idea for the calligraphy publication grew out of his constant search to find new ways to effectively reach his young students, Carasquero revealed. She literally put pen to paper to bring the vision to life after identifying her students’ inability to grasp the fundamentals of writing in remote classrooms during the forced Covid-19 closure of schools across T&T.

“I was always trying to reinvent the wheel to capture my students’ interest in learning because I wanted and still want students to succeed. Recognition of this path came in 2020 and 2021 during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Although I did my best to teach calligraphy online showing students step by step and sometimes individual lessons for those who needed it. Unfortunately not all students excelled in the art of calligraphy, a sentiment expressed not only by me, but also by teaching colleagues, so I saw the need to provide this much-needed help to students,” she revealed.

Among Carasquero’s other hats, he literally wears a black top hat to bring Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat character to life during read-aloud sessions with students from schools around Diego Martin.

“I would take my lunch time and sit in the lobby and oversee the reading. I bought books and created a small library. The principal gave me permission to go to about four different schools in the area during lunch break to read to the students. During the pandemic, I virtually went to several classrooms and read. Anything to engage the kids and create an interest in reading because it’s the foundation of a lifetime,” she beamed.