A passion to share? Zoho enters the EdTech space with TrainerCentral, will help you become a trainer – Edexlive

Do you have a passion that you want to share with others? No matter the niche, Zoho Corporation the all new launch, TrainerCentral, will allow you to share your skills with learners in a seamless manner. The past two years of lockdowns and restrictions have given the EdTech industry a huge boost. But it also came with problems like systems that were too complicated to run online courses and expensive subscriptions. TrainerCentral claims to have found the happy medium.

Starting an online training business is easier said than done, says Aarthi Elizabeth, chief brand evangelist at TrainerCentral. “Trainers and creators need the right tools to create content in order to build community to generate income. Imagine a yoga teacher who wants to start her business online. So what would she need? A website for his business, a ticketing solution. And of course, a web conferencing platform. There is no doubt that there are tools on the market with these capabilities. But these tools operate in silos and do not interact with each other. She will spend most of her time putting them together instead of doing what she really enjoys: teaching yoga, ”says Aarthi. “And on the other hand, there are these enterprise level solutions that can be overwhelming for an individual creator like her. These tools are too complex and have a very steep learning curve. Which she really has. need, it’s a simple solution that comes with the right set of tools to easily launch and start a business. And this is where we see that TrainerCentral fits in perfectly, ”she adds.

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How is it different you ask me? Aarthi tells us that it is a “codeless platform” and extremely easy to use and that it includes everything from its own video conferencing app to business tracker and marketing toolkit. “TrainerCentral is a complete no-code platform. It has its own web conferencing capability. Once the courses are created, they can market them with an integrated marketing toolkit. Engagement, as we all know, is key to building an active community. Trainers can constantly interact with their learners through the learner portal and breakout rooms, ”adds Aarthi.

But as you progress, the platform will offer options for peer discussions, cohort-based courses, CRM tools, and availability in more languages ​​- it’s now available in Tamil and English. “Along with that, we also let the trainers gamify the whole learning experience. Thus, learners can set goals and compete with each other, ”says Aarthi.

And you get it all for just over Rs 1,000 for a year. The courses are not glued to a curriculum. You can find anything from sports journalism to guitar lessons and indeed anything under the sun. But will it help your career? Although Aarthi says you can add it to your resume, the certificate does not come from an accredited body or is not recognized by one. But then, adding to your skills is never harmful. To be a trainer on the platform, you don’t need to take a test, says Aarthi, the community they want to build must have a strong bond of trust. “It is not a portal where one checks the qualification of a trainer. It is fundamentally a trust which is built between the teacher and the pupil”, she explains.

The TrainerCentral team also worked with a considerably large organization – National Health Mission, Tamil Nadu. “When they first approached us, their requirement was that they had a lot of offline content that they wanted to upload. They were fairly new to this kind of digitalization. Technology development at this site. Our team of pre-sales engineers sat down with them – we just gave them a first demonstration of how this can be done, ”says Gopal Padmanaban, who was an integral part of the NHM project.

Another major problem they had was that not all of these learners had access to the office, as they are all rural health workers who add access to this content from their cell phones. “The content must also be optimized for mobile. On top of that, they also wanted some Tamil content. We also have translator integration in our website builder, which means all the content they can download can be translated into Tamil, and learners can access the localized content from their cellphones as well. Previously, they sent these trainers to different cities of level II and level III to run training programs. But now they could digitize the whole experience. And all of these learners could access the content of their cell phones themselves, ”explains Gopal. “With TrainerCentral, we can offer both on-demand and live training courses, distribute digital content and monitor each individual’s learning progress from a single console. Learners find courses built on TrainerCentral easy to access. TrainerCentral’s compatibility with mobile browsers gives them the flexibility to complete lessons even when they are traveling, ”says Dr B Viduthalai Virumbi, Node Manager, PHR-NHM, Tamil Nadu.