A poet for whom passion and profession go hand in hand

A poet who does not want to detach himself from the flair and love of Hindi-Urdu literature, Ankush Tiwari is the author of two anthologies, the first was “Khayalon ka maikhana” and the second is “Hadon ke paar bhi ek duniya hey”.

He presented his work on stage with more than a hundred speeches in several forums. Her literary career started in 2017 when her first book came out and since then Ankush hasn’t stopped. However, what makes him really special is that he rose to fame and acclaim after several hardships in the initial phase of his life. It’s easy to get discouraged when faced with obstacles in life. Ankush faced many struggles throughout his life and for him; it was about not giving up. He shares that his motivation comes from his mother, who lost her parents at the age of five and was unable to continue her education due to a lack of financial and emotional support, but still left nothing behind. to provide him with an education and a better life, with almost no resources, which undoubtedly shows that Sky is the limit for an individual who decides to fully achieve his dreams.

While talking to him about his journey as a performing artist and why words have been his weapon of choice since its inception, Ankush says, “We’re all writers and artists, but it’s just your perseverance, your efforts and your sincerity which make it stand out among others.

In 2020, Ankush launched his IT startup, Global Savian Consulting LLP, with the goal of helping and empowering people to find jobs in the IT field. His career took a significant turn following this start-up. He has already shared his art form on social networks, which quickly earned him recognition for his talent.

With poetry exploring heartfelt, realistic and pressing issues, such as women’s empowerment, mental health and menstruation awareness, and more. Ankush is a living embodiment of faith and an example that hard work and passion can go hand in hand.