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MILAN – According to Giuliano Calza, Bratz dolls have a lot in common with GCDS, the fashion brand he co-founded with his brother Giordano.

“When Bratz dolls were released in 2001, people said they were ugly, vulgar, cheesy… the same things many said about our clothes,” the designer candidly admitted.

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Sitting on a couch in the GCDS offices here – a vibrant, vibrant environment filled with Millennials and Gen Zers – Calza discussed the fun collaboration between GCDS and Bratz, the doll label controlled by MGA Entertainment.

“They contacted me a year ago and I immediately thought it was a perfect match,” he explained, stressing the bond between the two brands. “Since their launch, what has made Bratz dolls different from any other competitor in the market is that each of them has specific emotional content, with a developed personality. I like this because it perfectly reflects the approach we have at GCDS, where our biggest ambition is to give people the chance to truly express their uniqueness by playing with our products.

While he admitted that “when I started to think about how to develop the project, I wanted to make an army of dolls, but it turned out to be too complicated”, Calza focused on two main dolls. from the original Bratz series. One is Sasha, with dark skin, long dark brown wavy hair and hazel green eyes. On her Bratz Wiki profile, she is defined as “a sassy girl, who is not afraid of confrontation or situations and she is very organized; she knows who she is, what she wants and how to get it! She has a bad temper, which often gets her in trouble.

The other is Yasmin, or pretty princess for her friends, with brown skin, very long light brown hair and pretty brown eyes. According to Bratz Wiki, Yasmin “may be calm, but she is a talented writer who loves animals. Yasmin is feminine, glamorous and stylish and always there for her friends. Even though there is something almost royal about her, Yasmin is not pretentious; she is open-minded and enjoys alternative trends in fashion, fitness and beauty.

Bratz Dolls by GCDS - Credit: Courtesy of GCDS

Bratz Dolls by GCDS – Credit: Courtesy of GCDS

Courtesy of GCDS

The personalities of the two dolls are reflected in the creativity of Calza, who has created personalized looks for both of them. Taking inspiration from the old GCDS collections, he designed two eye-catching looks, filled with small details and imbued with the playful irony typical of the fashion label.

Sasha is wearing a crystal mini dress layered over a black catsuit. Her outfit also includes a faux fur coat printed with the GCDS logo, over the knee boots, gold earrings and a heart-shaped chain bag.

Yasmin wears a balloon sleeve mini dress splashed with a Bratz themed print and cinched at the waist with a sparkling logo belt. Her glamorous accessories include earrings with the GCDS logo, heeled clogs and a lilac tote bag. As in all Bratz dolls, Sasha and Yasmin’s feet are removable, allowing for a change of shoes.

Available in a limited quantity of 500,000 pieces, distributed in specialty stores around the world, the GCDS x Bratz dolls will also be featured in the book “Bratzology”, with a cascade of stickers allowing consumers to create a unique piece by his genre. Bratz who can be dressed and styled with a myriad of clothes and accessories.

“It’s 100% nostalgia for the 2000s,” Calza said, referring to the fact that sticker books were popular around this time, when the Bratz craze was also in full swing. “You can create whatever Bratz you want – we’ve included all skin tones, all eye shapes. . . It’s all about individuality which is also the main message of my creative direction … with my collections, I say to people: “you do you. “”

Calza, who also partnered with MGA Entertainment to create a Bratz doll of himself and seven of his personal and brand friends, has developed a special clothing capsule dedicated to the Bratz world. Designed to be unisex, the range ranges from hoodies printed with the Bratz slogan “Passion for Fashion”, which is also rendered in crystals on an off-the-shoulder jersey dress, to shorts printed with a doll motif. Bratz and bra tops.

GCDS Bratz RTW capsule collection - Credit: Courtesy of GCDS

GCDS Bratz RTW capsule collection – Credit: Courtesy of GCDS

Courtesy of GCDS

The personalized Bratz dolls, along with a range of gadgets, will be available at a holiday pop-up shop that GCDS will run from December 1 to 31 on Milan’s Via Sant’Andrea, in the luxury shopping district of the Golden Triangle of the city. .

The pop-up store, which will feature a 6.2-foot resin Bratz doll by artist Colin Christian, will also contain five GCDS gift sets. Among them, the Fur-Lover features faux fur pieces that include a fisherman’s hat and bag and slippers with the brand’s logo in black and white, while the Happy Sock-Mas version wears three ribbed socks with logo. . For a GCDS slumber party, the Logo Lounger box offers a pajama set, an ashtray and a night mask, all embellished with a pattern combining geometric patterns from the 60s and the brand’s logo.

“I’m obsessed with Christmas, probably because my family never really cared about it,” said Calza, who described the GCDS gift shop as “kind of restaurant with poke bowls, you get there, you see the menu and you choose your gift. “

GCDS, which received an investment a year ago from the Italian private equity fund Made in Italy Fund, managed by Quadrivio and Pambianco, employs 65 people and operates stores in Rome, Florence and London, as well as five other units in Mainland China and Hong Kong. .

While the company is in the process of moving its Milan flagship and will open a boutique in a seaside destination next spring, GCDS also aims to open a boutique in New York.


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