A teenager uses his passion for music to help feed those in need

DENVER — Garrett Davidson grew up volunteering with his family at the Food Bank of the Rockies.

“As I got older, I really started to understand the scope of their operations and their impacts not only for adults struggling with food insecurity, but also for children,” Garrett told Denver7.

Years later, Garrett found another way to help the food bank. Colorado Academy’s sophomore hosted two online concerts to raise enough money for the organization to provide more than 40,000 meals to those in need.

He told his piano teacher he got the idea after watching a World Piano Day concert two years ago.

“He really wanted to do something locally with young musicians, with students, to continue the same message, which was comfort and hope,” said Jan Miller Romero.

Garrett founded Musicians United for Change and reached out to some of Colorado’s top young musicians to ask them to record performances for posting in YouTube concerts he hosted. It wasn’t a short process, but it was something that Garrett was passionate about.

“I thought if I could bring together the best young musicians in Colorado to do a virtual concert, then we could have the impact young people in Colorado want to have,” Garrett said when describing why it was important for him to focus. . on young musicians during these concerts.

  • To watch the 2021 & 2022 Musicians United for Change virtual concerts, click here
  • To donate directly to the MUC fundraiser, click here

His sister says he has always been concerned about social issues and she was not at all shocked that her younger brother not only came up with a plan to help those in need, but that he has been successfully implemented.

“He has so much empathy. It’s really amazing,” Jordan Davidson said of Garrett. “I don’t know how one person can share all that feeling for other people. He always tried to lift everyone around him.

Jordan says his brother will likely always do something that serves the community, even as an adult. Garrett doesn’t disagree, but says now is the time to show the true power the country’s youth have to lead change in their communities.

“I think empowering young people and showing them that they are capable of making these changes will inspire young people to be active in their communities and create the unity that we really want to see.”

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