Agudelo is passionate about improving the lives of workers

It’s no secret here in the Hudson Valley that traveling without a car can be extremely difficult. Public transit is a vital lifeline for many, yet it has often been underfunded and underprioritized by our elected officials.

This is one of the reasons why I fully support Vanessa Agudelo for the National Assembly. Like me, Vanessa grew up in a working-class family. She is a candidate who understands first-hand the transportation needs of working families, many of whom rely on our too-often-ignored public transit system.

Although I now have the privilege of having a reliable car, I also know how valuable a robust public transportation system can be. Public transit is a powerful tool in the fight against climate change, an engine of economic growth and a lifeline for working families.

Unfortunately, Westchester’s transit system does not meet these needs. The lack of nearby bus stops and wide discrepancies in pickup and drop-off times often leave residents stranded or jumping into a car. With the inflation crisis hitting every pocketbook, many of my neighbors in Ossining live with the constant fear of not having enough cash on hand to fuel up or buy a train ticket. Westchester’s temporary bus fare halt was a huge relief, but it only lasts until Labor Day. Our community needs long-term action on transit, not just stopgap measures.

Vanessa Agudelo is a leader whose entire platform is built on real solutions. Vanessa will fight for the wealthy elite of our community to pay their fair share of taxes. With this money, we can begin to focus government on what it should be: improving the lives of people in our community.

Funding and maintaining the public services that belong to us all, including public transit, are at the heart of our lives. Vanessa is one of the few political leaders today who understands the experience of those for whom public transport is essential to pay bills and feed their families.

Instead of responding to financial interests that ignore or denigrate public services they never need, Vanessa will stand up for workers in our community. She knows what it’s like to worry about not even being able to get to work every day and what that means for people who rely on public transport.

I support Vanessa because working people and their priorities are her passion. Anyone who cares about public transport should join me in supporting Vanessa Agudelo in the National Assembly.

Jennifer Cabrera

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