Amy Schumer brings passion project to Hulu with new ‘Life & Beth’ series, talks hosting Oscars

HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES — Ahead of co-hosting the Oscars, Amy Schumer is starting to star in the new Hulu series, “Life & Beth.” She is also an executive producer, writer and one of the show’s directors.

“Life & Beth” is about a woman coming to terms with her past and present so she can figure out what she wants for her future. Schumer plays a woman not completely satisfied with the way her life is going. When something unexpected happens in his world, it causes him to re-examine everything. And it creates many unexpected and funny moments.

“Because there’s so much TV and it gets so formulaic, but you can kind of guess, ‘Oh, they’re setting this up for this to happen later. So I think you can’t guess what’s going on in this show. And that sounds really positive to me,” Schumer said.

“I think it’s a comedy. But there are real themes,” she added. “And that’s my biggest wish is for people to walk away from the show as they reflect on their own lives and appear in these characters themselves – the good ones and the bad ones.”

Michael Cera co-stars in “Life & Beth.”

“There are times when you feel good. So, you know, I think it’s just because the characters are very authentic and you can see yourself,” Cera said.

Along with her new series, Schumer is also gearing up to co-host the Oscars with Wanda Sykes and Regina Hall on March 27.

“I’m so excited. I plan to burn many bridges,” laughed Schumer. “We’re just going out hard and just going to try to make people laugh and enjoy the night.”

“Life & Beth” debuts on Friday Hulu.

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