An accident leads the man to find his passion | Made in South Africa

A camera brings a man from Stockdale to discover his passion for the art of metal, with his wife.

STOCKDALE, Texas — Randall and Linda Lingo spend most of their days in their studio. Both are husband and wife and the business partners that make up Metal Art by R. Lingo.

Their business started with the skills that Randall Lingo acquired during his early career.

“It actually started in the 60s in the navy. I was a welder in the navy and got into metal building construction for 30 years,” Randall Lingo said.

It was a riding accident that led him to devote himself to it full time.

“It crushed my leg, neck and back, so I couldn’t do the building,” Lingo said. “So I stayed in the store and we learned all kinds of things.”

The skill also gave him a taste for being creative.

“It’s a neat craft, like I tell everyone. It worked for me,” Lingo said. “Learning to weld is one thing, but I like to build things.”

They started with his metal cutouts and now make anything that could fill your home.

“We build more furniture than anything,” Lingo said. “They last forever because it’s a steel frame and mesquite wood on it.”

Now, at 76 and with over 20 years of experience, you’d think that would slow him down.

“When they close the lid on my box, I’ll be retired,” Lingo said. “I’ve been working since I was little and that’s all we know.”

Working on his passion and sharing it at places like the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo whenever he can.

“Stop it, it costs nothing to watch,” Lingo said. “I tell everyone it’s free to get in and it only costs you to get out.”

You can experience Metal Art by R. Lingo at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo. Just go to stand 2321 in Hall B.