An exhibition of pets and passion: Indiana Exotic Pet Expo

MUNCIE, Ind. – On Sunday, the Delaware County Fairgrounds hosted a leg of the Indiana Exotic Pet Expo. The empty fairground barn has been transformed into a lively exhibit for the community.

Creator Ron Billingsley says the Indiana Exotic Pet Expo is something he’s wanted to bring to Indiana for some time after working in Michigan and Ohio.

“I started out selling other shows, and Indiana was running out,” Billingsley said.

Billingsley started her show after seeing the exhibit at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, but her love for animals began long before that.

“I’ve had animals all my life. I started out catching baby raccoons and skunks to catching little turtles and other things in the creek,” Billingsley said.

Along with pets, this event was also an expo of passion for many like Billingsley.

“As I got older, my passion got bigger,” he said.

For salesman Zachery Keeler, passion is what led him to get involved in the exotic pet trade 15 years ago.

“The passion comes from a lifelong love for animals,” Keeler said.

Keeler encourages anyone looking to unleash their enthusiasm for animals to visit the exhibit the next time she comes to Muncie.

“It’s a great opportunity to meet people in the industry, learn more about the animals you love, and potentially make them your own hobby,” Keeler said.

The Indiana Exotic Pet Expo returns to Muncie on November 27. Billingsley also shared that the show could expand to a two-day event in 2023.

For more information on the next upcoming exhibition, be sure to visit the Muncie calendar.

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