Austin Theory says Vince McMahon still has passion for what he does

In an interview with TV Insider, Austin Theory opened up about working with Vince McMahon and commented on how passionate he still is about his work all these years later. Here are the highlights:

On what he learned from Vince McMahon“I’m in a position that anyone aspiring to do anything in WWE would be so honored to have. I understand how important the position I’m in is. How crazy it is for me as a lifelong fan who grew up watching Mr. McMahon and the crazy things he did. It’s cool to be put in a position to do live TV with him. The only thing I I learned from him is that respectful aggression. Showing that you have that respect, but if you have an idea and you’re passionate about something, you have to use that aggression to pursue it. There are little tips during that we play that I remember for sure.

On the biggest misconception about Vince“For me, there’s always been the stigma of Vince McMahon that he’s not nice or one-sided about things. Whether that’s his way or not. From what I’ve seen and my experience, he’s on another level. All the hats he wears. He’s so invested in everyone and making everything work. I think it’s so crazy to see him do this for so long and staying so lively. If I have a question or someone has a question and they want to talk to them, they always get an answer. They always have a conversation. I think it’s so cool to really see the passion that he still has for what he does. It hasn’t left him at all. For me personally, it’s cool to know that this man is a billionaire and still works like he has a big on his Bank account.

On how working with The Way helped him get to the main roster: “The whole character of The Way was my idea. I’m basically still playing this serious wrestler. I wasn’t really myself. No matter what you do, you should always be able to show who you are and give the impression of authenticity. I think that’s what makes you connect with any character. I was just supposed to be that bodyguard behind Johnny Gargano. I asked Johnny Gargano himself during the filming of this Christmas special if we could try something. He was like, “Sure!” I just did my goofy comedy that I love to do. Even in real life, I like to have a good time and make people laugh. people. Indeed, it worked and they liked it. I think it gave me a huge opening.