Brian Baumgartner Opens Up About His “Humiliating” Cameo Career and His Passion for Cooking Chili [Exclusive]

Brian Baumgartner is known to many as Office the spicy Kevin Malone. Today, the actor is one of Cameo’s top earners and considered the host of three podcasts, two on the NBC comedy series and one on comedy shows in general. Showbiz Cheat Sheet connected with Baumgartner through the Cameo app to talk about his brand partnership, National Chili Day, and his passion for cooking chili.

Brian Baumgarter | Bush’s Chili Beans Partnership

‘The Office’ actor celebrates National Chilli Day with Cameo

As the man who played Kevin Malone, known for notoriously knocking over an entire pot of chili in the Dunder Mifflin receiving area, there’s no better brand line-up than Baumgartner’s partnership with Bush’s Baked Beans. . Last year, Baumgartner invented the “No Spilly Chili Pot”. This year, he’s partnered with Bush’s and Cameo to meet with fans to talk about Office and chilli, among others.

Cameo is a ‘humiliating’ experience for Brian Baumgartner

As the most requested celebrity on Cameo, 10 fans were able to virtually share a cup of chili with Brian through 1:1 Cameo Calls video sessions to celebrate National Chili Day this year. During our Cameo call, Office The actor opened up about the “incredible” experiences he’s had with fans using the app.

“[Using Cameo] does not concern me,” Baumgartner explained. “It’s really about the connection that two people are trying to have with each other.”

From parents trying to connect with their kids to couples looking to surprise their loved ones, Cameo is all about making a connection. Baumgartner fans usually have a connection around Office which they are looking to celebrate through the video app. He was even part of several engagements; something Baumgartner thinks he should be in the Guinness Book of World Records for (jokingly, of course).

“I don’t feel like it’s about me,” he explained during our video call. “It’s about a connection that a person wants to have with another person.” This person could be in the hospital or serving overseas, or even someone who cannot return home for the holidays. Either way, Baumgartner says helping to make those connections is “very humbling.”

‘The Office’s Brian Baumgartner really likes to cook chili

In one of the most anxiety-inducing chills opens on Office, Kevin Malone knocks over a giant pot of his famous chili pepper all over the receiving area. As Baumgartner mentioned in episodes of An oral history of the office and The desktop in depthhe nailed the hold in one shot.

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In fact, the actor really likes to cook, especially chili. This year, his two worlds collided when the opportunity to partner with Bush’s and Cameo presented itself.

“I’ve been – for a long time – passionate about cooking,” Baumgartner said. “It’s something that I do. For the past 10 years I’ve also been passionate about cooking chili. So that’s yeah, I’m really excited about [this partnership].”

Baumgartner is still available for reservations on Cameo. Plus, listen to more Baumgartner in the out of rhythm podcast, available wherever you stream podcasts.

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