Bruno “Nobru” Goes, Brazilian streamer and co-founder of Fluxo

Garena’s flagship title, Free Fire, has expanded its branches to many countries around the world. The widespread recognition of gaming has prompted many talented gamers to shape the esports ecosystem and embrace mobile gaming as a profession.

One such famous player is Bruno “Nobru” Goes, a Brazilian Free Fire player who participated and won many tournaments as part of the popular team Corinthians. He then co-founded his own Brazilian Free Fire team, Fluxo.

Nobru is also a streamer and content creator who has over 13.3 million subscribers on YouTube and over 3.7 million on Twitch. In a chat with Sportskeeda Esports’ Debolina Banerjee, he talked about the esports scenario in Brazil, his journey as a Free Fire professional, his collaboration with BAYZ, and more.

Nobru’s Journey as a Free Fire Professional

Q. Deciding to become a professional gamer is seen as a giant leap of faith by many gamers. What made you choose this career path? When did you first realize you had what it takes to become a professional?

Nobru: It all happened so naturally that I can’t say if I made a conscious decision. My father’s dream was to be a football player, and I trained a lot and participated in trials, but at some point I realized that maybe I was not good enough to pursue this career.

Like all young people, I went to college, but I also believe that, like many, I dropped out because I couldn’t afford the monthly fees. Acting is something I started doing by accident, after which I realized I was good enough to turn professional.

I think faith was at a time when I believed in my potential and fought hard to turn professional.

Q. Can you tell us more about the Free Fire esports scene in Brazil? Which teams do you usually watch when you participate in national competitions?

Nobru: The Brazilian Free Fire scenario has developed a lot in recent years. Organizations are investing more and more and bringing better infrastructure to their players.

This helps a lot in the development of the formation. It’s really cool to see this evolution because I’ve been on the scene since the beginning, so I know what I’ve been through to be able to get to this point today.

I know that all the teams are exceptional and that you have to be careful with each one of them. However, lately I’ve only been focused on doing a good job at Fluxo, an organization I founded with my friend Cerol.

I know that if we dedicate ourselves to the maximum and do a good job, it will be difficult to face each other.

Q. What made you choose Free Fire over other popular battle royale/shooter games like PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile?

Nobru: When I started playing Free Fire, I was a humble boy who lived in the local community and didn’t even have a cell phone. I ended up playing the Battle Royale game on my dad’s cell phone. Back then, we couldn’t buy the best device, so many games didn’t work on this cellphone.

The fact that Free Fire is an attractive game, with virtually all the other features of other titles, and that it works on any device, caught my attention. And, of course, it was also the game that all my friends played, so it was much easier to choose Free Fire over others.

Q. Twitch and YouTube are two of the biggest gaming platforms. What is the only significant difference between the two? Which do you prefer and why?

Nobru: Although they are similar, the platforms are quite different from each other. While Twitch is a live-only platform, YouTube is the best place to watch recorded videos.

I really like both, but my passion is Twitch, where I do my stuff live and can interact in real time with my fans. But I also have two YouTube channels, where I post my vlogs of challenges and cuts in my life.

Q. You have over 3.7 million subscribers on Twitch with a combined view count of 24 million. Does regular streaming increase those numbers, or is it about the quality and not the quantity of streams?

Nobru: To stand out and increase your numbers, you need to mix a bit of both. Quality, like having a good camera, is key to attracting audiences. Still, you need to be well regulated when generating your content and have proper days and set times to do your live streams. So everyone will know when you’re online.

Q. You are one of the founders and CEO of Fluxo, a Free Fire Esports team. What influenced the decision to create your own Free Fire team? What are the pros and cons of being a CEO and a professional gamer?

Nobru: There are many challenges because, in addition to managing my training schedule, I have to honor my commitments as the owner of a company that generates jobs for several families. I don’t like to say there are pros and cons because everything I do has a lot of love and affection for everything Cerol and I have built, i.e. Fluxo .

Although there were several challenges, before the birth of the organization we were already aware of our commitments, how our lives would change and how our schedule would be even busier. But every effort is worth it to see our fans happy, our teams doing well, and above all, to see the results coming in and the evolution of the community and the storyline. Go with the flow!

Q. Before the creation of Fluxo, you were part of a prestigious team, Corinthians. What aspects did you learn from your previous roster that inspired you to start your own team?

Nobru: I have always been motivated by challenges. I am very grateful for my time at Corinthians, and wearing this shirt was like fulfilling the dream of a boy who has always supported the team. But there came a time when I needed to experience a new phase, and I wanted to bring a bit more of myself to my fans and to the scene as a whole.

From there, Cerol and I, who have similar histories, sought to create an esports organization that would speak directly to our audience and follow our roots. So we created Fluxo, an organization made for the community, because none of this would be possible without them.

Q. You also have an impressive number of subscribers over 13 million on your YouTube channel. How do you plan to grow your channel? Do you think your videos will reach a wider audience if you occasionally upload content in English?

Nobru: Of course, bringing videos in English can help me gain an audience from other countries, who follow Free Fire, not only for who I am but also to watch me on a daily basis. It is a door to reach even more audiences.

However, even in Brazil, new Free Fire players are popping up every day and looking for content. Therefore, continuing to feed content for my country is extremely important for the new generation that also comes with me. They will try to understand my story and my accomplishments in and out of the competitive landscape.

Q. You recently joined BAYZ, a leading blockchain gaming guild. What are your expectations of the company? What are you most looking forward to?

É VAPO!🤯 🙅🏽‍♂️Bora dar as boas-vindas pra dupla mais 🔥 de todas: @nobru e @cerolzera se juntaram ao time BAYZ pra desmistificar os jogos #P2E!Prepared, family?

Nobru: I look forward to understanding this new universe more and more and to being able to help people know what these games are and how they can change their lives, just as one day I discovered that a mobile game could change my life.

I expect BAYZ to build a play-to-win community that helps everyone understand and take advantage of the opportunities we have in this space.

Q. BAYZ is focused on creating a global guild where its members are encouraged to play video games to win. What do you think of these NFT games and their presence in the global gaming market?

Nobru: I think NFT games are more than a trend. They are the future, and having a company like BAYZ in the global market guarantees that Brazil will follow closely and be part of this revolution.

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