There are rivals and then there is the Army-Navy Game. This contest goes beyond X’s and Bones, team colors and regional borders. It’s a historic college football game that touches the country with crowds of servicemen and women overseas. Saturday marks the 122nd edition of this iconic clash between theRead More →

During the hour-long lecture, the three astronauts took the audience on a tour of the space station and performed fascinating experiments to illustrate the principles behind different phenomena occurring in space. HONG KONG, Dec. 9 (Xinhua) – “Welcome to our space lesson!” Applause and cheers rang out in several classroomsRead More →

Fermanagh textile artist Tracey Whitehead, founder of EweMomma, specializes in hand dyeing yarn. Working in her Buttermarket unit, Enniskillen, she experiments with different types of yarns and dyeing techniques to create striking and unique colourways perfect for many knitting and crochet projects. Here, she talks to The Impartial Reporter aboutRead More →

The herald Carl Maswoswa Young Interactive Writer The second century has become a world centered around passionate careers rather than study-related jobs. The mentality that education is the only way out is a thing of the past. Times have changed, the environment is looking for an innovative mindset to surviveRead More →

MILAN – According to Giuliano Calza, Bratz dolls have a lot in common with GCDS, the fashion brand he co-founded with his brother Giordano. “When Bratz dolls were released in 2001, people said they were ugly, vulgar, cheesy… the same things many said about our clothes,” the designer candidly admitted.Read More →

METROPOLIS, III. “SPORT – a game, contest, or other pastime requiring a certain skill and generally a certain amount of physical exercise.” This is Mr. Webster’s main definition of sport. The second is more appropriate for this exhibition: “any pastime or fun, diversion”. Esport might not fit the first definition,Read More →

Guest correspondence SATURDAY NOV 27, 2021 | DAILY SRQ SATURDAY PERSPECTIVES EDITION Born in 1901, Walter E. Disney was a visionary from an early age. The young artist was already drawing his first somewhat raw characters at the age of 7. He never stopped. His passion took him to HollywoodRead More →

Editor’s note: Doug Krikorian is in Europe and sends this firecracker (short piece) (Berlin, Germany – November 25, 2021) – I love Berlin, have always loved it, always will love it, since I first arrived here on Friday November 10, 1989, a day after the soldiers Enthusiastic East Germans ThenRead More →

MANILA, Philippines – Studies have shown that the greatest motivation for millennials is to find purpose and a sense of responsibility in their jobs. Being more comfortable with technology has also helped them find innovative solutions to reach their market despite community quarantine restrictions. Three young entrepreneurs Victoria Kristina C.Read More →