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Not sure about your career options? Lack of self-confidence ? This Q&A column can help you

A friend of mine wrote the NEET after her parents persuaded her, but couldn’t. Now she wants to continue studying English (with honors) but her parents force her to take a “B.Sc. (Nursing)” or drop a year for NEET. What should she do? Ritika

Dear Ritika,

Help your friend be assertive and open up to her parents. Get her to talk to them honestly about what she really wants to do with her life. If you’re close to the family, maybe you can help make these conversations happen. She needs to think about it and choose what she wants to move forward with. If her heart isn’t nursing or medicine, she shouldn’t be forced.

I am in class 12 and interested in mechatronics and robotics. Which entrance exams do I have to take? Are there any online courses? What skills do I need to develop? Madhavan

Dear Madhavan,

JEE, BITSAT, SRMJEEE, TAMCET, DUET, IPU CET are some of the main entrance exams. There are also many other entrance exams at the state and university level. There are also many online certifications and degree courses available from IISc, MIT, Udemy, etc. The essential robotics skills that you can begin to develop are math and science, programming, teamwork, complex problem solving, creative thinking, and active learning.

I am a class 12 humanities student and want to pursue political science (Hons) studies at top DU colleges. With the uncertainties about CUCET, how should I develop a strategy for my preparation for entry with the Boards? – Jatin

Dear Jatin,

I understand your anxiety, but honestly CUCET is still deliberating on this new development with the academic and the executive board to understand how the DU will eventually embrace and adapt to this. So until you are sure, focus on the planks, then start preparing the entrance. The cut-off in DU colleges has often been the subject of criticism and discussion since it reaches 100% for certain courses. What might also help is to identify Plan B and C beyond the AU.

I am pursuing a master’s degree in education at IGNOU and I am also a teacher in a public school. Besides teaching, what are my options? – Md. Hassan

Dear Hassan,

There are many careers after the master’s degree. What do you want to do ? If you are not a teacher, you can apply to become a program manager, program coordinator, administrative manager, researcher, administrative officer, learning and development consultant, subject matter expert or even open a teaching center for students. from your region.

Disclaimer: This column provides advice and suggestions on education and careers. It is only a guiding voice.

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