Chinese team’s ‘best ever’ result at Beijing 2022 sparks passion across country

Zhao Jiawen of Team China competes in the Gundersen Large Hill/10km Individual Event at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics in Zhangjiakou on February 15, 2022. Photo: VCG

Just before the closing ceremony of Beijing 2022, figure skating duo Han Cong and Sui Wenjing won the 9th gold medal in the pair free skating event for the Chinese team on Saturday, crowning the performance of the team with a dazzling end.

As fans took advantage of the once-in-four-year opportunity to revel in the charm of figure skating and the adrenaline rush associated with snow sports at the Olympic banquet held in Beijing, many fans Chinese also see a ray of hope for the future through the breakthroughs that have been made by Team China.

China, as the host country of the Winter Games, saw its team ranked third in the standings after Norway and Germany, with a total of 15 medals bagged, the best result in the history of ice sports and snow in the land so far. In addition, China has also lined up athletes to compete in all seven sports and many have seen prominent participation of Chinese athletes.

It’s a huge thing because “the Chinese delegation this time achieved full participation and major breakthroughs,” Zhang Xinyun, sports commentator for the curling and freestyle skiing events at the Games, told the Global Times on Sunday.

“Breakthroughs in snow sports, especially in snow sports, serve as an inspiration to encourage people to participate more in winter sports. Many people have moved from ignorance to understanding, to love and ultimately to passion for sports, and that is the great wealth that the Beijing 2022 Winter Games have brought to us,” he said, commenting on the performance the team presented to the audience.

first times

Before the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, practicing a snow sport had never crossed the mind of Chinese bobsled Peng Junyue.

“When my coach told me to participate in the selection, I thought it was for the national basketball team… When I got to know bobsleigh, I gradually fell in love with it,” said Peng told Xinhua News Agency.

In 2015, shortly after Beijing successfully hosted the Winter Olympics, China assembled its first national bobsled team which would later make its Winter Olympics debut in Beijing.

In the list of Chinese sports delegation for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, including Peng, there were a total of four members of the bobsleigh team who were selected, namely Wang Peixuan, Fan Duoyao and Huang Yebo.

Besides the bobsleigh team, China also had its selection in cross-country skiing and ski jumping at the Beijing Games, after the formation of the Chinese Nordic combined team in 2018.

China’s Zhao Jiawen has qualified for the 2022 Winter Olympics, making him the only Chinese team athlete to compete in the Nordic combined at the Beijing Winter Olympics.

As Zhao expressed in an interview, “Regardless of the results, I hope my participation in the Beijing 2022 Games will promote the development of winter sports in China.”

In addition, five of the nine gold medals won by China have been in snow sports, and this is also the first time that China has won more gold medals in snow sports than in ice sports, compared to the 13 gold medals won in the past 20 years, almost all in ice sports.

China's Gao Tingyu competes in the Men's 500 Meters Speed ​​Skating Final at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing on February 12, 2022. Photo: VCG

China’s Gao Tingyu competes in the Men’s 500 Meters Speed ​​Skating Final at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing on February 12, 2022. Photo: VCG

pass the flame

The Olympic Games are never short of stories of athletes striving for sporting excellence. Some veterans persist in chasing their dreams, while some younger competitors attempt to take center stage.

All of the Chinese team’s medalists also cover the age range from under 20 to over 30. Some of them participated in the Winter Olympics for the first time, while others fought for their dream in the fourth Olympics.

The flame of sporting achievement and competitive spirit has been passed down from generation to generation in the Chinese team, which has been highly praised by many Chinese netizens.

Just 18-year-old Su Yiming won silver in men’s snowboard slopestyle and became the first Chinese male snowboarder to reach the Olympic podium. Subsequently, he won China’s first gold medal in snowboarding at the big air event.

When he won the gold medal, he was not yet 18, becoming the youngest Chinese athlete to win a gold medal at the Winter Olympics.

Su is one of the shining stars of the Chinese team’s Gen-Z athletes. Gen-Z has become a force to be reckoned with and won the crown in the arenas, with the likes of Su, Gu Ailing being born in 2003.

Xu Mengtao, 32, won the gold medal in the women’s freestyle ski jumping event. Prior to the gold medal, she had been a multiple World Cup women’s aerials gold medalist, who waited 16 years for an Olympic gold medal.

32-year-old freestyle skier Qi Guangpu shares a similar experience to Xu. He captured the seventh gold medal for Team China in men’s freestyle ski jumping after competing in four Winter Olympics.

Chinese gold medalist Su Yiming celebrates on the podium at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics on February 15, 2022. Photo: VCG

Chinese gold medalist Su Yiming celebrates on the podium at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics on February 15, 2022. Photo: VCG

Promising future

China first participated in the Winter Olympics in 1980 in Lake Placid, USA. It took China 12 years to win its first medals at the 1992 Winter Olympics in Albertville, France, and 10 more to win the country’s first gold medals in Salt Lake City, USA. in 2002, when Chinese speed skater Yang Yang took the lead in the crossing. first across the finish line in the women’s 500m and 1000m short track speed skating events.

Prior to the Beijing Winter Games, the Chinese team’s best record at the Winter Olympics was in 2010 in Vancouver, Canada, with a total of five gold, two silver and four bronze medals won, ranking seventh overall in the medal table. It was also marked by a number of highlights, including speed skater Wang Meng, who became the first Chinese athlete to win three champions in a single Winter Olympic event, and had a gold medal breakthrough tie. gold in the pair figure skating final by Shen Xue and Zhao. Hongbo.

The Communist Party of China Central Committee and the State Council on Sunday praised the delegation for their outstanding performance at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. “Your country and its people are all proud of what you have achieved. You have shown the world the spirit of Chinese athletes in the new era, won gold medals in an ethical, moral and clean manner, and performed the Olympic spirit and sportsmanship in China,” read the congratulatory message.

Of the Chinese team’s nine gold medals, five have come from snow sports and four from ice sports.

Chen Lu, China’s first world figure skating champion, also expressed optimism about the development of winter sports in China.

“I believe that after the 2022 Games, more Chinese people will participate in winter sports, pushing China to gradually become a leading nation in winter sports,” Chen told the Global Times.