Danny Tenenbaum: Zoeey Zephyr has the skills and passion to lead MT | Columnists

Do you live in Franklin to the Fort or Slant Streets? If so, you have the opportunity to send a new vote to the Montana Legislative Assembly. House District 100, Montana’s most progressive legislative district, deserves a fearless representative with hands-on experience in the legislative process. Zooey Zephyr is that leader. As one of the progressive representatives from the Democratic state of Missoula, I am proud to support his campaign for the Montana Legislature.

I’m always on the lookout for future candidates – smart, hard-working people whose prospects are lacking in the state capitol. As a tenant, unionist, and trans woman, Zooey is the extremists’ worst nightmare desperately trying to turn Montana into a right-wing playground for the hyper-rich. She will play a crucial role in standing up for Montanans who are underrepresented in the legislative process — Montanans who right-wing politicians target with impunity.

Running for the Montana legislature isn’t difficult – it costs $15 and not much else. But Zooey is not a candidate who has just sat on the sidelines for the past few years. Zooey’s work gives real meaning to our Constitution’s broken promise of equal protection under the law. I saw Zooey operate first hand. When hate bill after hate bill passed the 2021 legislature, Zooey was there, fearlessly working to overturn Republican votes. When I met her afterwards, my first question was, “When are you running for the Legislative Assembly?”

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Zooey has the skills and passion we need in progressive leaders in Montana. I hope you’ll join me in supporting Zooey Zephyr for House District 100.

Danny Tenenbaum, D-Missoula, represents House District 95.

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