DJ Pranav Desai and his exceptional passion for music

In Mumbai, Pranav Desai is known as DJ Pranav. His company name is PD Events and he organizes events in various locations to promote it. He has a large collection of songs, mostly from the 1980s to the present day. He started his career in Mumbai in the 1990s. He started out with tall and wide mixing software, which impressed many disco fans.

Professional DJ for about twenty-five years, he started out with a passion for music and a desire to entertain people. He now performs in a variety of venues across Mumbai, performing Lounge, Hip Hop, RnB, Bollywood and House music. He’s a knowledgeable and professional DJ with a wide range of abilities. Those who know him and have worked with him describe him as one of the most enthusiastic DJs about his work and one of the most energetic DJs you will ever see.

In any place, his records and his passion form an astonishing mixture. A young prodigy who started his career in the entertainment industry at a young age is constantly experimenting and evolving, and he’s constantly pushing the boundaries of what a DJ can be. DJ PRANAV DESAI is heavily inspired by international and Indian DJs and music producers to stay in touch with the true rhythm of world culture and mix east and west.

As a well-known DJ, obtaining this prestigious position by giving himself outright, every night in clubs around the world through his energetic sets. His unparalleled musical mix undoubtedly sets him apart from the competition, but his ability to motivate himself and push himself to the absolute limit all the time exemplifies his position as a truly exceptional DJ.

His passion for music can be clearly heard and seen; no other turntable magician lives his set like DJ PRANAV DESAI. His shows are more than a better option for a wild night out on the town; each set is unique and an experience in itself.