DVIDS – News – NAS Pensacola MWR Employee Leads With Passion

Jianni Glover is super motivated by her job aboard Naval Air Station (NAS) Pensacola. All you have to do is ask him.

She worked at Wenzel Fitness Center in Corry Station for over 16 years. Every day in the fitness center, she enthusiastically greets clients and colleagues, as if it were her first day at work.

To her colleagues and leaders, it’s no surprise that she was recently recognized as the NAS Pensacola Junior Civilian of the Quarter.

Glover, from a Navy family, is originally from Milton, Florida, but grew up in Pensacola. Traveling is one of his favorite hobbies.

“I love traveling to different states and countries to experience different cultures and collect souvenirs,” she said.

She also enjoys creating t-shirt designs and using her creativity at work. Glover has created several projects at the fitness center. She manages the gym safety information boards – all information is neatly presented on a grid and is often updated.

Glover not only maintains safety information signs for Wenzel Fitness Center, she has helped other NAS Pensacola fitness centers with their signs. She also participates in safety inspections and asset inventory operations at the Wenzel facility.

Glover is not only creative, she has an outgoing personality and a passion for customer service. She and her team provide personalized Wenzel Fitness Center tours to each new client, and she strives to make Wenzel clients feel welcome and comfortable.

“I love that we give tours of our facilities to every new client that visits our fitness center,” she said.

Glover, who works as a recreation assistant at the fitness center, also enjoys motivating others at work.

“I’m staying on top of the employee of the month nomination to continue to boost morale,” she said. “I let the staff know that I appreciate their hard work every day.”

According to her supervisor, Anthony Jackson, Glover was nominated for the NAS Pensacola Junior Civilian of the Quarter award because she efficiently managed the fitness facility while he was on paternity leave.

“Jianni manages the day-to-day operations of Wenzel Fitness Center, ensuring that all recreational aids have completed their daily duties and are completed to our standards,” said Jackson, Facilities Coordinator, Wenzel Fitness Center. “Jianni has worked for me for eight years and is an integral part of the team we have assembled at Wenzel Fitness Center. We all work very well together here and we are like a family.

In addition to winning the Neighborhood Junior Civilian Award, Glover has won the Wenzel Fitness Center Employee of the Month award multiple times, Jackson said.

“I was very shocked to be nominated – it lifted my spirits,” Glover said. “I’m so grateful for this opportunity. It will open doors for other colleagues to keep believing and pushing. As I always say ‘it’s not about me, it’s about us.’

Date taken: 16.03.2022
Date posted: 16.03.2022 12:27
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