Emirates’ passion for modern technology goes beyond global markets

United Arab Emirates: A global study conducted by Toluna, an international online market research company, showed that consumer interest in the latest technologies is much higher in the United Arab Emirates than in the other 14 countries surveyed. UAE consumers seem well ahead of their international peers when it comes to expectations of tech brands.

The study indicated that 63% of UAE consumers expect more innovation in technology, compared to 43% in global markets, which is compelling evidence of how the UAE is holding up and overtake other countries as a sophisticated market with a healthy appetite for new launches. . This shows a strong base of modern technology-oriented savvy consumers and is also a sign of how the state’s interest and efforts in educating consumers about modern technologies are paying off.

The study also indicated that 32% of consumers in the UAE, compared to 18% globally, have tried new brands of technology products and are more demanding in terms of additional features and broader options, expecting more from brands than consumers in other countries. Furthermore,

52% expect clearer information on manufacturing sources and 53% expect more sustainable options.

Commenting on the results, Sakina Mannan, Senior Account Director MEA at Toluna said, “It’s no surprise that consumers in the UAE seem to be emerging at the forefront in terms of interest in newly launched tech products. This indicates that the country is firmly heading towards a leading position in consumer electronics both in the region and globally and is in line with other trends such as the adoption of smart products and innovative services. . The UAE market is now characterized by a culture of engagement with technology brands, and consumers want to evaluate the quality and performance of new products, while being comfortable demanding more from brands in this space. .

Apart from the UAE market, the study covered 14 global markets in Europe, East Asia, Australia and New Zealand, the United States, and Latin America.


  • Technology Brands – Actions and Expectations o New brand trial for technology is higher in the UAE than in the other countries surveyed (32% in the UAE vs. 18% globally).
  • On average, people in the UAE expect more things than in the world – The average mentions are 8 in the UAE compared to 5 in the world.
  • Innovation is the main expectation of tech brands in the UAE compared to falling prices around the world.
  • Expectations are higher for “More brand choices”, “More innovation” and “Additional features and benefits” in the UAE compared to the world



The full report entitled “Conscious Consumers, a Year of Change” is available upon request. The report references Wave 18 of the Global Consumer Barometer and is part of a series of surveys published periodically by Toluna beginning in March 2020. The Toluna Barometers feature in-depth studies on consumer behavior, expectations and needs. consumers as well as market trends.

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