“Find Your Passion” – an interview with Misha Glenny Jacob Rose MTS

“The thing with the world is that motivation, curiosity and interest are really central”

Misha (Michael) Glenny is a renowned and award-winning British journalist and host. He is multilingual. He specializes in global organized crime, cybercrime and South East Europe. Three of his most successful books (McMafia, DarkMarket and The Balkan) are devoted respectively to these subjects. We can say that his most successful work is McMafia, a non-fiction book on global crime. To write this, Misha Glenny took a three-year trip around the world, potentially risking her life, speaking to many criminals. McMafia was so successful that it was turned into a televised crime drama, a series that won an international Emmy Award.

I had the honor to hear Misha Glenny talk about her books, her life and her inspirations and I learned a lot about crime and the Balkans. When I asked, “What advice would you give to young people today? he has answered:

“Going out into the world is that motivation, curiosity and interest are really central. For example, I learned languages ​​not because I was particularly good at learning languages, but because I needed to learn languages ​​to do what I wanted to do, i.e. go live in other countries, study other countries and discover their inhabitants. Motivation is really important. You have to find out what interests you, what really motivates you, and then follow that, overload it. You have a period in your life between 14 and 40 years old, where you have unlimited energy, and you can achieve fantastic things. You really have to harness that energy because after about forty or fifty years you start to lose that motivation that you once had.

Mark Twain once said, “The two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why. Misha Glenny discovered a passion for journalism at a young age and it took her far. The message I think we should all get from Misha Glenny and Mark Twain is, hopefully without sounding cliché, to follow your dreams.