Fresno’s passion for fashion on display at downtown event – GV Wire

KMonet wants to put Fresno fashion on the map.

As the owner of Styles by KMonet, a local online store, she collaborated with 10 other local brands and designers during a show on Sunday January 9 at Full Circle Brewing Company.

At least 30 models from the Fresno area will take to the runway. In addition to the parade, the event features local Brian Cade.

The objective: To provide an opportunity for fashion entrepreneurs to network with other designers, designers and local artists.

“That’s why I named it the ‘No’ fashion show because it’s everyone who works in the fashion industry in Fresno and was available to volunteer their time,” KMonet said. .

Fresno’s fashion potential

KMonet grew up in Fresno fascinated by clothes. As a little girl, she cut tops and jeans from magazines to create unique styles.

After moving to the Bay Area for his college education, KMonet studied commerce and then became interested in retail management and visual merchandising.

Now that she’s back in Fresno, KMonet says she has big plans to bring fashion to the city where she grew up starting with hosting her first fashion show.

“When we think of Fresno, the models here, they don’t have opportunities like this and they’re just as excited as the brands,” KMonet said. “I was researching the last time a fashion show was here in town, and it was just one brand and they didn’t even give accessibility for other brands to be a part of it. . “

COVID can’t stop the fashion

“I’ve always thought about assumptions, especially in the world we live in right now,” KMonet said of hosting the event during the pandemic. “You never know. So I make sure I have backups. We have over 15 backup templates that will be there just in case.

KMonet says local brands have come together on Zoom each week to plan the event, establish COVID protocols, including requiring masks and spacing out seats.

Participating local fashion brands

Local fashion brands Celfie Ready, King Kulture Clothing, House of Morri, DED, Dos Fashions, Haus of Essentials, NLC Glam Studio and Human First will showcase their clothes.

House of Francisco will close the show with ball gowns.

More information

The show will take place from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Full Circle Brewing Company, 712 Fulton St.

The Styles by KMonet site is here.