Futaba’s passion and sentimentality make her an inspiration

The Futaba of My Senpai Is Annoying is not just a hard worker. She also has a creative side that can inspire others, as episode 7 proves.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for My Senpai is Annoying Episode 7, “Here and Now”, now airing on Funimation.

Futaba Igarashi has a lot to prove to her colleagues, and recent flashbacks make it clear that she has a lot to prove to herself as well. For the most part, Futaba has established herself as a tough, independent person who enjoys a challenge, but even she has hidden vulnerabilities, as with her hobbies.

Everyone in the office considers Harumi Takeda to be an experienced and reliable colleague, including Futaba, but episode 7 of My Senpai is boring shows how inspiring Futaba can also be. Years ago in college, she helped her friend Natsumi Kurobe start a new hobby.

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Futaba and her friend Natsumi Kurobe meet Toko Sakurai and her little brother Yuto in a restaurant, and the two Sakurais learn how Futaba and Natsumi met. Years ago the two were attending the same college and the flashback establishes Natsumi as a delinquent; a mischievous girl who doesn’t bother to show up to class or devote herself to anything constructive. On the other hand, Futaba nurtures a passion for drawing and art, and she enrolls in the school’s art club. Conversely, Natsumi refuses to join a club – until Futaba’s hobby is threatened.

Two boys corner Futaba and tease her about her drawings, reducing Futaba to tears. Natsumi steps in and fights the boys, as she can’t stand seeing someone else being bullied for standing up for their hobby. Futaba later thanks Natsumi for her help, and this incident, combined with a few encouraging words from Futaba, prompts Natsumi to choose her own hobby. She joined the athletics team and devoted herself to running, for which she was talented. Since then, Natsumi enjoys running and identifies with it.

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Natsumi with Yuto

Nowadays, Natsumi enjoys running and running more than ever, and now it’s her turn to inspire someone else. Toko Sakurai’s little brother Yuto is also passionate about sports, but the boy is afraid to try for the basketball team and make a fool of himself. It has been eating him for a while until he meets Natsumi on his evening jog. Natsumi shares a few encouraging words with Yuto, and Yuto agrees to take her hobby to the next level.

Obviously, Futaba and Natsumi are generous and uplifting people, even though the former is a defensive tsundere and the latter has a punk side to it, which balances their characters well. Futaba really wants to prove herself, but she won’t forget everyone in the process. She can put her insecurities aside long enough to help other people deal with theirs, and Natsumi paid for it years later with Yuto. This generous spirit is similar to how Futaba quickly repaid Takeda for taking care of her while she was ill, and also how she bought him a lovely Christmas present. Futaba is a complete heroine of Josei – a hardworking employee with her own strengths and weaknesses.

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