Gajewski shows a combination of understanding, pride and passion with ease

STILLWATER — Oklahoma State softball head coach Kenny Gajewski met the media Monday, a delayed weekend for his preseason media day thanks to Mother Nature and the week’s ice storm last, but as Gajewski said at 50, he’s more in tune to control those things. he can control and not what he cannot. Gajewski has shown some awareness of continuing to push for his powerhouse softball program and also knows that modern college athletics command some live programs at the top of the food chain.

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Gajewski meets the media.

“We know where we are and we’re close,” Gajewski said during part of his more than hour-long media interview. It comes from the coach who last year, in the process of another Women’s College World Series season, saw baseball’s newest diamond in the street and almost made a proclamation for his team to get some. one quickly.

“I’m very aware that football needs improvement, I realize that football has to be good for us to be good,” Gajewski said, realizing financial needs and conference realignment were almost a threat. constant. “It’s huge. We need them to do what they just did (12-2 and bowl win against Notre Dame) again and again. In recruiting, it’s huge. We need from coach Boynton to overcome everything he’s been going through We need more experiences like we did on Saturday (Bedlam hoops win) here it’s recruiting The track needs an inside and the struggle needs a lot of improvements, so I’m very aware of all that.

The wildly enthusiastic coach, a former University of Oklahoma baseball player who played in the College World Series, a former college groundskeeper himself, and now a softball program’s piper who makes thrill the sport and threatens the rival school he graduated from; Gajewski wants his establishment to follow the prowess of his daughter, who has been off the charts for the past two seasons.

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cowgirl stadium

“It’s not enough. We have to keep stepping in,” he said of how he feels with a program that’s 102-34 the past three seasons and top-five ranked. for this spring.” A new stadium is coming. Everyone knows that, so I’m not beating a dead horse. We need more seats. It’s a major, major problem when people come to me and say, ‘We would really like to see you play, but we can’t get any places.”

More seats and more of everything is needed and deserved. As I wrote, Gajewski had a better view every day of O’Brate Stadium than the baseball staff. He could see it while his team was training.

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O’Brate Stadium

“I am committed to finding the right donor(s) to come here and make these girls the best experience the O’Brates have on the baseball field,” Gajewski said and he also added that a company had been requested for a master plan. “That’s the norm, so there’s no reason why our kids shouldn’t have exactly the same.”

In the meantime, the Cowgirls, who open the season in Tempe, Ariz., Thursday night with No. 21 Arizona State, are seeing improvements at Cowgirl Stadium. There is now a new exterior porch on the right similar to the one on the left. There is a new outfield fence and new rush turf in the outfield with a rebuilt hard-earth infield. The new turf is 2 to 30 degrees cooler than conventional turf often used for sports surfaces and has been engineered to neutralize rebound so the ball bounces more like normal grass.


Newly grown turf behaves more like grass.

“We won’t have any more rain. We will be able to train every day on our pitch,” Gajewski said with a smile. “The fence won’t come down and we won’t have wall pads falling off our fence when we face the number one team in the country and we beat them. You know the wall pads come down and we have to stop a game. That’s all that was crazy.

“The fence is going to look awesome,” he continued. “The pitch will be grass and we will have an indoor hard-earth pitch, so there will be a learning curve. This will give our pitch team, who are the best in the country, a chance to take care of a land which they know is well constructed.

Gajewski started bragging. He said the way they brand the stadium, it will be the best branding facility on campus.

You just can’t get Kenny Gajewski not to be excited about his product. It seems he doesn’t understand the theory of underselling and oversupplying. It’s good with his softball team. I think they will play for his back. Now for his stadium, I would advise to be happy, but like he said, keep jumping. Keep looking for that donor(s). That’s how you get to this stadium and I agree with him. His players, his program, they deserve it.