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AT WORK: Abby Molloy is now pursuing her dream of becoming a registered psychologist, with support from the Country Universities Center. Photo: Supplied.

If you had told Abby Molloy at 18 that she would one day work as an addiction and alcohol counselor and enthusiastically move towards certification as a licensed psychologist, she wouldn’t have believed you.

Abby had planned to study law after high school, but her decision to take a year off changed everything – and Abby says it’s for the best.

While Abby had “absolutely loved” her experience working at a city law firm, she knew she wanted to come back to an area after graduation and was aware that employment opportunities might not be. be the same.

So instead of rushing through her studies, she took a break and tried her hand at different employment options.

She soon realized that conventional office jobs were not for her.

“I did a short stint as an accountant caddy and realized that I didn’t like sitting at a desk all day,” she said.

“I like talking to people and working with people, and I’m interested in people’s stories.

“I worked in a psychologist’s office as an administrative assistant and fell in love with the changes the psychologist was able to make in people’s lives.”

Spending time between school and college opened her eyes to different career options.

“I think it’s unrealistic to ask an 18-year-old who has had 13 years of study in specific disciplines to look at all of these different options and say ‘Okay, this is my career path. for the next 40 years ‘when you’ I haven’t had any life experience, ”she said.

“I know for a fact that if I had gone to college and started my law degree, I would have either stuck it out, worked there for a year after that and thought: “Oh, I’m not an office person, it’s not for me,” and I have to start over.

“Or I would have stopped halfway and racked up HECS debt for nothing.”

Now permanently settled in a regional area, Abby has chosen to continue her studies at a distance, with support from the Country Universities Center.

She is currently completing a postgraduate degree in psychology at Charles Sturt University, with the intention of pursuing a master’s degree in psychology.

“I am passionate about rural mental health. I come from a farming family. Everyone in my life comes from a rural farming family, ”said Abby.

“The experience of drought and lack of access to mental health services is something my community has been through, and now I am passionate.

“I would really love to normalize mental health and, when I’m a registered psychologist, work in a role that specifically targets these people.”

I realized that I didn’t like sitting at a desk all day

Abby molloy