Hamilton hails Wolff “fire and passion”

Ian Parkes and Ewan Gale

Lewis Hamilton praised the “fire and passion” shown by Mercedes team manager Toto Wolff in the title battle with Max Verstappen and Red Bull.

The off-track dramas between Wolff and his counterpart Christian Horner provided an intriguing undercurrent to the on-track narrative of the F1 season, with beards flying in between.

In Brazil, Wolff could be seen gesticulating furiously in front of live TV cameras after Hamilton made a superb riposte to take the lead after receiving a net penalty of 25 grid spots for his qualifying disqualification and a change of position. motor.

When asked ahead of the Qatar Grand Prix last weekend whether tensions had started to boil over within the squad, Hamilton replied: “I really didn’t notice anything unusual. competitors.

“I love seeing Toto’s fighting spirit, it makes me so happy. There is one shot I saw from the last race and it just made me laugh inside, it was so good .

“If he cared less and was just cool, I don’t know… that fire and passion are part of our infrastructure, our ecosystem and it flows from him.

“He’s the leader of the team and you want that in your boss, someone who pushes and chases every millisecond and with you all the way.

“I like him to stand up for what he thinks is right, we have grown tremendously together, we have grown closer over the years, as we will continue to do.”