I thank my mother for spotting my passion for dance: Vrushika Mehta

For actress Vrushika Mehta, who rose to fame as Sharon Rai Prakash in the dance-based TV show
Dil Dosti Dance (
D3), her passion for dancing played a central role in her fame. Talking about how she got into dancing, Vrushika shares, “My mum wanted to become a professional dancer but for some reasons she couldn’t fulfill that dream. When I was barely three years old, I remember her taking me to the terrace. We would recite the
bowls of Kathak while practicing, and I would copy it and really appreciate it. She spotted this passion and I am grateful to her. Dance has played a very important role in my life. From the start, I was very clear that I wouldn’t like to be sitting in front of a laptop in an office and it was clear in my head that I wanted to do something creative. And
D3 gave me the perfect platform to pursue my dreams.

Speaking about her experience working on the popular show, she adds, “During the auditions for
D3, I was nervous and super excited. I was a huge fan of the show and wanted to be a part of it. So no matter what they asked me about dance forms, I kept saying, ”
Haan, mujhe aata hai“I had a great time in the show because we were all dancers and since we were good at different forms, we learned a lot from each other. This show also taught me the value of hard work. team. I have fond memories associated with the show.

Speaking of dance as a means of therapy, she shares, “I was happy to see so many people take up dancing to cope with the COVID-induced lockdown and stress. I even attended kathak classes and made some online video tutorials for dance enthusiasts.

So, is she ready to participate in a dance reality TV show in the future? Vrushika says, “I’m not too sure at the moment. I dance because it makes me happy. While I’m not looking forward to doing a dance reality show now, I might take one in the future if I’m willing to commit to it.