I will always have a passion for Berlin, although I am now officially affiliated with the EU and followed by an app called Luca due to my presence in the big city

Editor’s note: Doug Krikorian is in Europe and sends this firecracker (short piece)

(Berlin, Germany – November 25, 2021) – I love Berlin, have always loved it, always will love it, since I first arrived here on Friday November 10, 1989, a day after the soldiers Enthusiastic East Germans Then Russian leader Michael Gorbachev, who guarded the infamous Berlin Wall, ordered no fire on those seeking to break into the dastardly 13-foot structure that divided this city ​​in two for 28 years.

It was a weekend of joy and merriment that I will never forget as over a million East Germans crossed the border or rode across in their two-stroke car, 26 horsepower and clearly uncomfortable, very ridiculed, known as the Trabant which took 21 seconds to reach its top speed of 60 mph.

What a time I had to shake hands with East German guards, pound pieces of wall with a hammer I bought – which I have all given over the years – and toast a lot. peace and quiet and consuming way too much alcohol with many delusional, partying and crying Germans who found the event suddenly insanely surreal.

Since then, I have made it an annual pilgrimage to spend a few days here on my European visits, and I still have a deep affection for a city that was totally rebuilt after being destroyed in WWII.

I always stay at the Hilton hotel in the Gendarmenmarkt area, near what is called Museum Island, and across from the Hilton has always been my favorite Christmas market known as Weihnachts Zauber .

Doug Krikorian (right) and his boyfriend / bodyguard Thirsty Tom Kelley, in front of Weihnachtst Zauber in Berlin

And, thankfully, it’s actually open, although if the outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkle had done what she wanted she says she would have closed it like the Christmas markets in the Bavarian city of Munich due of the rise of Covid- 19 cases in recent weeks across Germany.

In fact, Ms Merkle has said she has shut down the whole country, but her successor, a man named Olaf Schulz, has yet to take that drastic path.

Still, the pandemic has certainly had an effect on me here, as I am now the proud owner after many investigations and maneuvers of an EU Covid digital certificate, which can be scanned to enter any restaurant in Europe to prove that I have had three vaccinations and I guess I am of sound mind, body and soul.

And if that wasn’t enough – I never would have dreamed of owning an app that connects me to the far left European Union – but I also have something called a Luca app in my Apple 12, which when scanned is a way for the authorities to find out where I’m hanging out.

And there, I thought that the espionage in these regions once perpetrated by the dreaded notoriety of the Stasi of East Berlin had died out with the fall of the wall.

Of course, I’m kidding.

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