Inside Peter Andre and Rebekah Vardy’s ‘chipolata passion night’ as naughty history resurfaces

Peter Andre and Rebekah Vardy’s night of lustful passion is back in the news cycle after she was grilled on the naughty story during the first day of Wagatha Christie’s trial.

Rebekah, who is married to soccer legend Jamie Vardy, was asked about the date by Coleen Rooney’s lawyer in court for Wagatha’s ongoing trial.

The Mysterious Girl singer has unfortunately been dragged into the libel case between Rebekah and Coleen, after attorney David Sherbourne grilled Rebekah over the newspaper interview where she detailed sex with the singer.

During questioning, Rebekah admitted she ‘regrets’ comparing his penis to a ‘miniature chipolata’ during her wild kiss and recounted an interview with the News of the World, writes the Mirror.

Rebekah Vardy regrets comparing Peter Andre’s penis size to a Chipolata

Mr Sherborne showed what appeared to be an A3 copy of the article to Vardy in the witness box, before reading the headline: ‘Peter hangs like a little chipolata, shaved, drooling, lasts five minutes.’

The lawyer read excerpts from the article, where it was claimed that Andre had managed “only five minutes of sex with Rebekah” and in which Vardy said that he had “the smallest equipment of pants I’ve ever seen” that looked like a “miniature chipolata”.

In the article, Vardy said he “made no attempt to please me” and “drooled like a drooling dog” when he kissed her.

According to Mr. Sherborne, The News of the World was the most widely circulated newspaper at the time, with around four million readers.

He asked Rebekah if it had been “respectful” of Peter’s “right not to share this information”.

She replied: “My ex-husband forced me to do this and it’s something I deeply regret. It’s not pleasant to read and I understand why it’s used – for me it’s to denigration, and I have also been threatened with slander by Ms Rooney’s team.”

Peter hit back on Instagram after Rebekah admitted she “regrets” making the comment.

He said: “Do you know how hard it is to keep biting your lip in situations? But in my opinion most people have seen in the jungle how an acorn turned into an oak tree, so I think it’s okay.

“At least she’s now admitted it wasn’t true and was forced to say it.”

The couple had a very brief affair in 2001, when Rebekah was 21, after meeting the pop star at a restaurant and giving her her number.

The mom of five caught eyes with the singer four months after marrying her first husband Mark Godden.

Rebekah has always insisted that her marriage was coming to an end, no matter at the time.

In her interview with The Sun, Rebekah claimed, “I knew my marriage was coming to an end” and explained how she hid the affair from her then-husband Godden.

She told the publication: “He was really nice and walked me upstairs. When we were in the room, he stripped me naked and took off his top. He had great muscles.

“I thought he was going to be a fantastic lover. Then he took his pants off! He was the worst lover I’ve ever had. It wasn’t even worth the train fare. Peter was tiny. I never seen. It was like a miniature chipolata.

Peter had previously hit back at her remarks about his manhood in 2017.

He shared a photo of a butcher holding a giant sausage.

The singer captioned the cheeky post, “Now that’s a banger,” alongside a smiley face emoji.

In October 2020, Rebekah issued an apology to Peter following the Wagatha Christie scandal.

A source told the Mirror: “Rebekah felt really bad that Peter had been dragged into a procedure and her old interview about him has been resumed.

“She was in a totally different place in her life then and never imagined her words would come back to haunt them both. She wishes him all the best now. Rebekah messaged her on Instagram to apologize for the public disorder but unfortunately it fell on deaf ears and he did not respond.

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