It’s in the Genes: AJ Few Shares the Zags’ Family Passion for Basketball | Sports

As the son of Mark Few, it’s understandable why Gonzaga University senior AJ Few is a die-hard fan of the school’s men’s basketball team.

However, AJ Few is not just an avid supporter of the team – he is one of the team’s managers. As manager of the team his father coaches and brother plays for, AJ’s four years at GU are unlike any other.

AJ Few has lived in Spokane his entire life. He went to Gonzaga Preparatory School for high school, a private institution just up the road from the GU campus. During his four years there, he played for the boys’ basketball team.

As a senior, he won the Washington State 4A Championship alongside Anton Watson.

During AJ Few’s senior year of high school, a few factors came into play when selecting a college to attend.

“I didn’t really want to leave because I love Spokane,” AJ Few said. “There were a few other schools that I was looking at. But also at GU, if your parents are employed in college, you get heavily discounted tuition.”

AJ Few explained how this heavily discounted price for school ended up being less than what it cost his younger sister to attend Gonzaga Prep. This comparison shows the end of this price reduction, given that GU is a university and GU Prep is a high school.

When picking a major, AJ Few had a general idea of ​​what he wanted to get into.

“I originally wanted to do finance because that was always what interested me the most,” said AJ Few.

Within that major, he was able to take a few accounting courses and discovered that he not only loved that aspect of his major, but was good at it. He decided to take an additional major in accounting to complement his pre-existing finance degree.

“All the advisers I spoke to thought it was a good double major just to differentiate me a bit,” AJ Few said.

Her freshman year of college was very academically focused. He had decided that he just wanted to be a freshman year student. However, he soon realized that the basketball-centric environment he had lived in his entire life was not something he was willing to give up.

“I kinda missed being on a team,” said AJ Few. “So my dad and I just talked a little bit [about] if i could just help the team a little bit. So I decided to become a manager my second year.”

A team leader has several roles. In practice, managers help with the rebound, make sure players have water, and are there for any needs the team might have.

During game downtime, managers bring out chairs, water, and towels. However, according to AJ Few, the stressful aspect of team management comes with travel.

“You don’t want to be the person who ruins everything because you forget the uniforms or forget something really important to the game,” said AJ Few.

Despite this pressure, he said the role of team leader was very exciting. He liked being able to go to training every day and learning a lot about the sport from the team.

AJ Few’s father and brother are both part of the program. These family ties make his management experience all the more personal.

“It’s not as weird as you think,” said AJ Few. “I’ve been on the program all my life with my dad. Like, I see it every day in training. It’s kind of weird to see my little brother in the team now, but it’s fun. We always joke a lot during training.”

Mark Few told a press conference how grateful he was to be able to see his two college-aged sons much more than he could if they weren’t both involved in the program. basketball.

“It was so awesome to have both AJ and Joe around,” Mark Few said. “That gives you at least two hours a day when you wouldn’t usually see your middle schoolers.”

Reflecting on his last four years at GU, AJ Few described some of his favorite memories with the basketball team. He was on the bench when Jalen Suggs made his buzzer shot in the Zags’ Final Four game against UCLA in the 2021 NCAA Tournament.

“Just seeing that and running to storm the court was pretty special,” said AJ Few. “And just the locker room afterwards and it was all madness.”

However, despite being there to witness this iconic moment in Zag’s history, AJ Few described his disappointment at not being in Spokane to celebrate with the GU community.

“I was sad because we saw Spokane go crazy and we didn’t get to experience it,” AJ Few said. “But it was still super cool to be there and be on the bench for that and storm the pitch. It was just wild.”

As he enters his final months as a student at GU, AJ Few thinks what he will miss most are the people he met.

“It’s not the prettiest campus or, you know, the best weather at all,” AJ Few said. “It’s just the people you miss.”

Although he is no longer a student at GU, AJ Few will always be a fan of this team which he led for most of his college career.

“He lives and dies with the Zags,” Mark Few said. “He always has.”

Although his future plans are currently undetermined, the GU basketball program will leave a lasting impact on AJ Few’s life.