Joanna Gaines’ real passion isn’t real estate or design

Joanna Gaines is best known for her work with Chip Gaines on the popular show Upper fixator, but real estate and interior design aren’t the HGTV star’s true passions. Here’s what work Gaines really loves and what she said about turning passion projects into purpose and profession.

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Joanna Gaines opened up about confidence and her purpose in life

Upper fixator Star Joanna Gaines is a skilled home designer, but that’s not what the HGTV star says is her real goal. She spoke of hiding in a toilet cubicle at school to avoid rejection, and revealed that the experience helped her understand what she was supposed to do with her life.

“I discovered that my goal was to help people who didn’t feel safe because I didn’t like how I felt in that cabin; it’s not who I am. That’s not who I was meant to be,” Gaines told Darling Magazine in February 2018. “…I really felt like God was telling me that I would be able to help women who weren’t confident, were looking for advice or were lonely. And so I knew that from that place of pain, there would be a place to reach others, because I had actually lived there; I had felt this pain myself.

She also talked about confidence and how it relates to finding purpose in life. “I think confidence can be confusing,” Gaines said. “You think beauty is confidence, you think what you have is confidence…when confidence is really a mindset of ‘I’m created to do what I do, to be the best in what I can. It doesn’t come from your gifts and talents, it comes from knowing who you are and that there is a purpose for your life.

Joanna Gaines’ biggest passion isn’t design or real estate

The HGTV star’s comments about confidence and purpose mirror what she said about her greatest passion. Although she is a skilled interior designer and real estate mogul, Joanna Gaines is most passionate about baking.

“I’ve dreamed of having a bakery since I opened the Little Shop on Bosque Boulevard in 2003,” Gaines told Today in October 2016. “After we moved to Silos (our market and stores), the little building at the front of the property was the perfect place to finally open one.” She added that owning a bakery was “surreal” and “like it was meant to be”.

Gaines said she tried to achieve a “classic European look” when designing her bakery, and drawing inspiration from her travels to start her own shop was “a dream come true”.

She said her favorite treat from the bakery is the Cup o’ Jo, a rich chocolate cupcake with chocolate espresso frosting. She also loves the Prize Pig pastry, a cheddar, bacon and chive cookie. Gaines is so passionate about baking that she would go there “every day” if she could.

The ‘Fixer Upper’ star encouraged others to start businesses based on their passions

Joanna Gaines has turned her passion for baking into a business and she encourages others to build their profession around their dreams.

She and her husband, Chip Gaines, once led a session at the Sunbelt Builders Show in Texas. The famous couple opened up about the lessons they learned while building their empire and the importance of focusing on their passions.

After sharing an anecdote about filming the audition tape for their HGTV show, Chip said (per MultiBriefs), “For the first time in our lives, we kind of realized that if we can get down to business , if we can get to our true passions, then we’re going to get there.” He continued, “The more we faked it, the longer I stood there awkwardly dodging the boom mic, the harder it was for us to really get into the rhythm. But when we finally started to focus on something that really meant something to us, it all kind of fell into place.

And Joanna added, “We’re just a couple from Waco, who are really passionate about the projects we work on and the clients we work with. So for us, we always have to come back to ‘What is our passion, our mission?’

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