Joe “The Body Coach” Wicks explains how he turned his passion into millions in the latest episode of “My Hustle”

Working out isn’t always fun, but it helps when someone like Joe “The Body Coach” Wicks helps you out.

Wicks started her fitness program in London ten years ago to help others achieve their fitness goals. Since then, it has grown into a multi-million dollar business. In this episode of “My Scramble” presented by Whistle, “The Body Coach” tells us how he made it in the fitness industry and what drives him to be great every day.

Growing up, “The Body Coach” couldn’t stay focused on traditional math or science lessons. His passion was to hit the gym for a good workout. He knew he had what it takes to be a personal trainer, so he took sports science classes in order to find work. Even after landing his dream job, “The Body Coach” was hungry for more.

“The Body Coach” wanted to take his passion for fitness and reach as many people as possible. One challenge he faced early on was that he couldn’t afford traditional marketing tactics. He turned to social media to solve this problem. ‘The Body Coach’ posted 15-second clips of himself cooking a meal on Instagram and the videos went viral. Soon people started buying his fitness program.

The newfound interest inspired “The Body Coach” to launch the 90 Day Plan, an online meal and workout fitness program. Other business ventures create their own app, post free workout videos on YouTube, and publish best-selling healthy cookbooks.

“The Body Coach” says he’s driven by purpose rather than profit. Helping people live happy and healthy lives is her true calling.

Want to know more about this rising social media star? Watch the video below: