JuneShine launches Passion Orange Guava in collaboration with Evan Mock

San Diego, California – Excited to share the latest launch of JuneShine, the #1 hard kombucha brand in the United States with over $24 million raised and 10 million cans sold of its amazingly delicious, better-for-you liquor, made only with real organic ingredients.

On February 1, Juneshine launched an all-new signature flavor in collaboration with model, actor and skateboarder Evan Mock, known for starring in the HBO Max series Gossip Girl – featuring a fresh tropical twist on an island staple. – Passion Orange Guava.

The second in Juneshine’s Passion Project Series, Passion Orange Guava is part of a collection of flavors designed by the brand’s celebrity artist and athlete ambassadors, including Whitney Cummings, Cody Ko, Ashe, and more. The first version of this series of celebrity collaborations was created in partnership with Whitney Cummings: the Prickly Pear Margarita.

Hailing from Oahu, Hawaii, Evan is as comfortable and equipped to thrive in Hawaii as he is in Hollywood, and Passion Orange Guava celebrates the “concrete jungle” that is the best of both worlds for Evan. A new take on the legendary Hawaiian POG (Passion Orange Guava), the new flavor is brewed with real organic passion fruit, orange and guava. With only 3g of sugar, 100% organic ingredients and 6% alcohol, according to Evan: “Every sip is different. Passion Orange Guava is sold in 16oz cans and retails for $35.99/6-pack.

“We worked closely with each of our Celebrity Ambassadors to tell their authentic stories of how hard kombucha became their drink of choice. From Whitney Cummings to Evan Mock, each of our Ambassadors has their own unique answer to the question: Why JuneShine? We look forward to sharing these stories nationwide and driving the hard kombucha category forward,” said Forrest Dein, CMO of JuneShine.

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