Katy Resident Shares Her Passion For Teaching Through Upholstery

Jackie Brunetti opened the company in late 2015. (Sierra Rozen / Community Impact Newspaper)

ChairDo owner Jackie Brunetti has always had a passion for teaching. This passion drove her to save some change to rent space for her Katy-based business.

Brunetti was so keen to make her dream of teaching a reality that she paid to renovate the building out of her own pocket.

Brunetti opened ChairDo at the end of 2015, teaching upholstery and sewing lessons to a wide range of students. Many students have found her classes to be therapeutic, she said.

“I have four students who have lost loved ones, and all they’ve done is cry,” Brunetti said. “When they find ChairDo they are so excited and so busy [reupholstering] that it was a lot of comfort to them. … They call that [their] happy place. “

Before opening his store in Texas, Brunetti had a sewing business in Nevada. While she loved the business, she said she felt like she was missing something as she had little interaction with her customers. By teaching, she does what she loves every day.

“I can earn more money by doing [reupholstery] Business. Teaching requires a lot of other things: being patient, being loving because you have to love what you do, ”Brunetti said. “It’s about finding the right person to teach you. Teaching is such a challenge. It’s a privilege.

Brunetti’s classes are by appointment only and have a maximum of three students in each class due to the pandemic. The upholstery class guides students through the process of remaking a chair, while the sewing class teaches students how to make pillows, she said.

“Everything revolves around the store [and] trying to make the store comfortable for my students, ”Brunetti said.

Some of her students have come a long way to take her course, coming from places like Brazil or New York, she said. In the future, Brunetti said she hopes to have more students to pass on her teaching skills.

“[I] have something that I want to share with other people, and I’m not going to keep it to myself, ”she said.