Lily James reveled in the ‘passion’ of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee | Entertainment

Lily James wanted to revel in the “passion” of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s romance in “Pam & Tommy.”

The 32-year-old actress plays the former ‘Baywatch’ star in the new drama series, and Lily has revealed how she approached filming intimate scenes with Sebastian Stan, who plays Tommy.

She shared, “You always have to approach these scenes with caution and make sure you really trust the people involved.

“The first point of call is the script. Do we think it’s necessary? Do we think it moves the story forward? Is it crucial to the character? Then you work with the director and how you’re going to block it and the intimacy coach. I felt very supported in all of those aspects. It was very collaborative; we really talked through each choice about what we wanted to show. It’s very choreographed, which is also very important.

Pamela, 54, married Tommy in February 1995, after only knowing him for a few days.

Lily was determined to capture the dramatic nature of their high-profile romance with her on-screen performance.

The former ‘Downton Abbey’ star told Variety: “Certainly with ‘Pam & Tommy’ and those crazy four days, we wanted to revel in that passion and the explosion of their relationship. But we didn’t want to nor does it feel sensational or unnecessary.”

Meanwhile, an insider previously claimed Lily was “having fun” playing Pamela in “Pam & Tommy.”

The actress savored the dramatic transformation she underwent for her role on the show.

A source said last year: “Lily is having fun getting into character and dressing up with the fake torso.

“The boobs really help her get into character and she loves walking around in them.”