Many superstar athletes have a passion for fashion – The Daily Aztec

The sports world has long coincided with the fashion world; however, many notable athletes of the 21st century have transcended fashionable expressions for athletes.

The millions of eyes that follow these stars are now tuned in for a glimpse of their fashion sense just as much as their athletic abilities.

Athletes are always changing the way they style their hair and it’s easy to forget about those athletes of the past who figured out how to push the boundaries.


In the NBA, Dennis Rodman was known for his off-court looks. Rodman often dyed his hair a variety of colors and patterns, engaged in off-court antics such as professional wrestling, and took player fashion to a new level; while winning the NBA championships alongside Michael Jordan.

One of his most memorable examples was when he defied gender norms and showed up to a book signing in a wedding dress, declaring he would be getting married in 1996.

Another pioneer in NBA fashion history is Allen Iverson. His style of showing up to games with cuts consisting of durags, loose clothing, and enough jewelry fit for a king, took hip-hop culture into the big leagues.

The NBA would respond to Iverson’s flashy style and force players to adopt a certain look that wasn’t authentic to themselves. Then NBA commissioner David Stern implemented a new dress code in 2005 that would change NBA game-day fashion for years to come. According to ESPN.

In the NFL, he is another notable athlete who has taken the league by storm with his style of dress throughout his career. This athlete was none other than Cam Newton.

With his signature style of flashy suits paired with an equally mercurial hat, Newton took the NFL’s professional dress code to new heights during the 2010 decade.


Drawing inspiration from those who came before them, athletes now continue to push the boundaries and bring new styles to the forefront of mainstream culture.

Many of the changes we’ve seen in sports fashion in recent years can be traced to a fashion pioneer the world lost last year, Virgil Abloh.

Abloh’s work with Off-White and Louis Vuitton has created designs with some of the biggest names in sports fashion and athletes. His relationship with athletes has often led them to receive a personal touch from Virgil, like what he gave LeBron James when he wrote “Virgil Was Here” on his custom Nike Air Force 1 Off-Whites.

The NBA and NFL continue to showcase some of the best fits from their star athletes. During the recent NFL playoffs, all eyes were on Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow and what he would wear to his first Super Bowl.

NBA star Russell Westbrook has long made headlines for his outfits, with one of his most memorable outfits being when he donned a dress during New York Fashion Week in 2021.

Athletics brands also thrive on fashion partnerships, one of the most notable being Jordan’s brand deal with French soccer team Paris St. Germain that blends basketball and soccer culture. .

With sports team collaborations with fashion brands such as Moncler, Louis Vuitton and BAPE to name a few, it is clear that fashion and sport will continue to thrive together.