Martin Nievera reignites passion for singing with uplifting new song

Forty years into a legendary showbiz career, ballad singer Martin Nievera is busier than ever and has written a new song to kick things off.

First ballad player Martin Nievera

In his usual optimism, Martin exclaims: “I was great! Trying to stay busy, trying to stay sane. And when asked how he stays positive, he jokingly replied, “Those are the times when we’re not supposed to be positive, remember? We are supposed to be negative!

And just like that, he goes straight into storyteller mode.

“The old sense of ‘positive’ is what I wanted to bring back,” says Martin. “I’m one of those singers who sings ‘sad’ love songs, ‘I can’t make it’ love songs, ‘I want you back’ type songs. This time I wanted to finally have a positive song.

Enter “Smile again”.

For this, Martin was inspired by the situation that we have all experienced over the past two years.

“I think if I were to speak for everyone, what everyone has been through, in their quiet time, and believe me, we’ve had a lot of them, they’re thinking of happier days than they once were. , and to happier days that are to come, sana!

Martin said of the genesis of his new song, “There are dreamers like me who can pull themselves out of a negative situation and find something good in it all. Like being able to do things I couldn’t before or enjoy the life I have now. So when Homer Flores sent me the melody and music…”

He said he got inspiration for his lyrics by singing a particular classic.

“I’ve always ended a show (on those online shows during the pandemic) with the (Charlie Chaplin) song ‘Smile’. A serious song, written by a comedian reminding everyone that there will be more days happy to come.

Stating that he wanted something similar that inspired the same feeling, Martin thought of the track “Smile Again” and “After I got that track, everything was easy.”

“I just wrote down all the beautiful thoughts that came to mind and thinking in third person, I thought about how others can relate to this song and (that’s how) I realized the words I chose. I think everyone can relate to that, everyone wants a reason, big or small, to smile again.

And just like that, Martin wrote his first ballad after a long time. And what a wonderful-sounding new song he brought – a great piano feel-good ballad that may well accompany his greatest hits. A relaxed little tune who, in Martin’s own words, is the type that can “heal and inspire.”

“I remembered that I was supposed to be the guy you run to, to feel some emotion. I realized my love for singing again,” he concludes.