May’s passion for work recognized

A Garrett Junior High School teacher’s passion for her students was recently recognized when she was named the Nevada School Boards Association’s Middle School Counselor of the Year.

Christa May teaches sixth-grade science at Garrett and serves as a student council adviser. She said she was passionate about involving as many students as possible, and to be honored for that was a great experience.

“Children need to work and go to school,” she said. “It’s their job, but they also have to have fun.”

Since returning to in-person learning from the pandemic, May said she has worked to create fun, low-risk activities for students. Some recent activities were a Vans day where students and teachers all wore their Vans shoes and clothes. Another was a day when everyone wore Croc-style sandals and she handed out different charms that they could display on them.

“Christa is a very dedicated and creative teacher, who really does what she does because she wants the children to have the best experience,” said Garrett’s principal, Melanie Teemant. “She loves the Boulder City community and is committed to serving and sharing her gifts and talents. She is always willing to go the extra mile to make it even more special and we appreciate her willingness to put the kids first.

As a student council adviser, May organizes activities for the school and helps train students to do the same. She said it’s a lot of work on top of her teaching duties, but it’s fun and she loves it because of the impact she sees on the students.

“I love planning events and I also love teaching kids how to plan them,” she said. “It gives them experience with different things that they might be able to use later in life.

“I really appreciate that age too, because they understand my sense of humor,” she added.

May has been teaching for over 20 years and has spent the past eight at Garrett.

The Nevada Student Council Association is an organization dedicated to uniting the state through effective communication and to helping all Nevada student councils achieve their goals.

The Councilor of the Year is chosen from school nominations and based on criteria of campus activities, council service projects, local and state service projects, recognition and awards, and the participation of the national student council.

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