Metaphysical is resilient in its passion for hip-hop music, listen to the artist’s best song ‘The Dirt’


Artist Metaphysical has been consistent in his efforts to produce spiritually and mentally uplifting songs. After going through a long journey of turmoil, the artist has developed his noble craftsmanship which helps him write beautiful hip-hop tracks. His journey to becoming an artist was filled with a lot of struggles. However, it was his dedication to music composition that sustained him through his difficult times. A life-changing incident took place in 1994. A car accident left him in a coma. When he recovered from a long period of unconsciousness, he had to learn to talk and walk again. But this incident helped him find the essence of his life.

Organic :

Having endured the pain of epilepsy, which caused him to lose his job, he became stronger in life. He lost almost everything – his house, his family, his job and his money. However, he developed a never-give-up mentality over time and turned his life towards music. Even though he was homeless, he never stopped following his passion. He wrote one of the best songs of his career, Dirtiness.

Musical contribution:

The genius of music Metaphysical gave brilliant hip-hop songs to hip-hop music lovers. Its name, Metaphysics means beyond the physical. His songs truly mean his name as they blur the line between physicality and spirituality. Some amazing songs given by the rapper are ‘Kept Dumb’, ‘Gene Rodenberry Theory’, ‘Anonymous’ and others. His music is a mirror of his own beliefs and personality, fearing God and being blessed to be protected by him.


It’s a song he wrote when he was homeless. His homelessness made him realize the importance of spirituality in life. This led him to have a lofty attitude towards life. His song will help listeners understand that “ORIGINALITY IS THE BEST PERSONALITY”. It was the sheer dedication to music and passion for songwriting that allowed him to write such a deeply moving song. Moreover, he followed all the essential techniques of songwriting, which made his track multi-layered, delicate and very inspiring. The use of rhetoric added a few more qualitative layers to his track. So listen to the song, ‘The Dirt and all his other songs on Reverbnation. The artist is very versatile and determined to contribute to the music industry as best he can. To get all the latest updates on his music, listen to his songs on sound cloud, Apple Musicand Spotify.

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