M&S turns its Gin & Tonic and Passion Star Martini into sorbets for the summer

M&S has turned two iconic cocktails into delicious frozen treats just in time for summer.

Since its launch, fans have flooded social media going wild over the new booze tubs.

M&S turns iconic cocktails into sorbets in new alcoholic range

Announcing the cold cocktails, M&S wrote: “Did someone say Gin & Tonic SORBET!

“Made with REAL gin, and a hint of lime and tonic aroma…we think the Hot Priest would approve – don’t stop there…we also launched Passionstar Martini Sorbet made with fruit juice passion, vodka with a hint of vanilla! Hoping for a summer filled with M&S sorbet!”

Customers went wild for the new frozen flavor and we can’t say we’re surprised, especially since one is made from the same ingredients as its famous G&T cans, made popular by a certain Hot Priest from Fleabag.

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One user wrote on social media: “We think you just peaked.”

Paired with heart-shaped eyes, a second person added, “How amazing does the passionstar martini sorbet sound! ? »

While tagging their friends, a third fan wrote, “We need this for the summer!”

It’s now the first supermarket to give our favorite drinks a makeover either.

Iceland announced in April that it was adding new products to its ice cream line, including turning Capri Sun, J2O, Vimto and Baileys into popsicles and ice cream.

Both sorbets come in four-pack boxes, perfect for storing in the freezer in warm weather.

The G&T flavor features real gin, a hint of lime and an invigorating aroma that will provide a refreshing boost for a scorching summer afternoon.

While the Passionstar Martini Sorbet will transport you to a cocktail bar in a sunny faraway destination with its mouth-watering passion fruit juice, vodka and vanilla flavor.

The four-pack bins will cost you £4.50 each via an M&S store.

You can find your local M&S store via their website or buy the full range from the supermarket via the M&S at Ocado website.