“Music has always been my passion, and I see it as an instrument of peace and change”

Desmond Obianuju Enujeko aka ‘DOE BILLZ’ is an Afrobeats singer, songwriter, producer and performing artist from Delta State, Nigeria.

Born on November 27, 1993, he received a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from the University of North America, Republic of Benin in 2014. He then moved to South Africa in 2017 to launch his music career.

He began his musical career performing at universities in Nigeria, Ghana and Benin.
Republic. In 2017, he signed a recording contract with Alto Max Recordings, a label located in Pretoria, South Africa and released his first single titled “CONFESSION” on November 27, 2017.

In 2018, Doe Billz launched his own label Woyo Music and he released “LAST BUS STOP”, his second single and the first on his own label. The song was produced by Ko’rale and the video was shot on location in Cape Town, by director K.

The single received extensive television and radio airplay in South Africa and Nigeria. The single’s recognition put him in the spotlight as one of the emerging artists to watch. His gradual transformation, combined with his lyrical and vocal dexterity, has been praised by Afrobeats experts.

In 2020, Doe Billz released “SHAMAYA” during the height of the Covid 19 pandemic to entertain his fans during the lockdown. The song also earned him more attention and decent streaming numbers on digital platforms.

Doe Billz has always been inspired by the events that happen daily in his life and that
often reflected in his music. The sounds of the great reggae legend Bob Marley have also
influenced his way of seeing things, his philosophy, his art and his performances too.

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“I have always been passionate about music and see it as an instrument of peace, change and impact in the lives of everyone who listens to my music,” he said.

“I strongly believe that music should be used, just as Bob Marley did, as a weapon to protest injustice, fight for equality for all and as a form of motivation for the oppressed and poor masses”, Doe Billz reiterated.

Doe Billz defends his new school
fusion of melodious Trap and AfroBeat. It aims to bring a whole new perspective and dimension to the global AfroBeat movement.

“My music is my place of solitude and I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to express myself through my music, and I am eternally indebted to all my fans and lovers of my music. My intentions are simple: WOYO MUSIC must be recognized worldwide, he added.

Doe Billz lives and creates his music in Cape Town, South Africa and has been a diaspora artist for over 5 years now.