New! The Scent of Passion Teasers for April 2022: Coming to Telemundo!

Telemundo brings you another story of love and passion, a Colombian television series titled The scent of passion. The new romantic drama series will premiere on April 4, 2022 after Frida’s search‘s final. Below are The scent of passion teasers for the first episodes of the series in April.

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Spanish series Scent of Passion debuts on Telemundo in April. Photo: @WilliamLevy
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The scent of passion The plot revolves around Gaviota, a simple girl who accompanies her mother Carmenza to pick coffee on the plantation of boss Octavio Vallejo. After saving his employer from kidnapping, he appreciates her by giving her and her mother land. Octavio dies and she must ask the Vallejo family to honor their promise. It is then that she meets Octavio’s son, Sebastian, and they develop a strong affection for each other despite coming from different worlds.

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The scent of passion april 2022 teaser

The scent of passion on Telemundo is an adaptation of the 1994 Colombian soap opera of the same name. The new Spanish soapie tells an impossible love story between a coffee picker and a rich man. Here are the first teasers of the show.

The Scent of Passion Teasers
Octavio Vallejo dies after promising to give Gaviota and his mother land. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

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April 4, 2022, Monday

Gaviota saves his employer Octavio from kidnapping in Colombia’s coffee-growing region. Lucia, who is in New York, ends her relationship with Sebastian.

5 April 2022, Tuesday

Sebastian does his best to forget about Gaviota. Margot tricks Iván into confessing to the argument that led to Octavio’s heart failure.

6 April 2022, Wednesday

Ivan informs his family of his plan to make Lucrecia his wife. Margarita joins her brother Wilson and they discuss their new jobs.

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April 7, 2022, Thursday

Margot pretends to be ignorant when Julia inquires about Octavio’s death. Sebastian receives a disturbing call from Café Elite.

8 April 2022, Friday

Lucrecia asks Lucia if she can be her bridesmaid. Meanwhile, Carmenza and Gaviota are happy when they go to see this land given to them by Octavio.

April 9, 2022, Saturday

Sebastian lets it be known that he has no intention of becoming the manager of Café Elite. Ivan is convinced that Pablo Emilio is likely to become the new manager.

April 10, 2022, Sunday

Sebastian and Gaviota share a dance, and he offers to tutor her in English so she can drive him back to New York. Lucia returns to Colombia.

The Scent of Passion Teasers
Gaviota tries to get the Vallejos to honor their father’s land promise. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

April 11, 2022, Monday

Gaviota reveals to her mother that Ivan tried to take advantage of her. Elsewhere, Sebastian says no to his ex-girlfriend, Lucia, when she tries to get a kiss from him.

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12 April 2022, Tuesday

Gaviota attempts to discuss the land issue with Ivan Vallejo, but her response is not what she was hoping to receive. Arthur goes to see Paula late at night.

13 April 2022, Wednesday

Ivan sends Lucrecia a photo of Gaviota and Sebastian, and Lucrecia shows it to Lucia. Later, Paula asks Ivan if he can offer Arthur a job at the company.

April 14, 2022, Thursday

Gaviota joins Sebastian on a trip to Salamina. Elsewhere, Carlos Mario asks Pablo Emilio to persuade Ivan not to stop his money laundering schemes.

15 April 2022, Friday

Sebastian reveals to Gaviota that he doesn’t know how he will survive New York without his company. Meanwhile, Bernado begs Carlos’ forgiveness for their recent argument.

April 16, 2022, Saturday

Sebastian reveals to Marcela that he fell in love with Gaviota. Elsewhere, Leonidas enlists Gaviota’s help to create a documentary about coffee plantations.

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April 17, 2022, Sunday

Ivan reveals to Pablo Emilio that he will do everything in his power to get Aura out of office. Gaviota accompanies Sebastian to Lucrecia and Ivan’s wedding ceremony.

The Scent of Passion Teasers
Sebastian falls in love with Gaviota after breaking up with Lucia. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

April 18, 2022, Monday

During the wedding ceremony, Julia forbids Gaviota to sit at the main table. Meanwhile, Ivan wants Carlos Mario out of his wedding ceremony, but he doesn’t want to leave.

19 April 2022, Tuesday

Sebastian and Ivan argue over the land Octavio gave Gaviota. A furious Sebastian threatens to involve the authorities if the issue cannot be resolved amicably.

20 April 2022, Wednesday

Marcela accosts Lucia when she intentionally trips Carmenza. On the other hand, Paula decides to end her relationship with Arthur, while Bernardo refuses Gabriela’s advances.

21 April 2022, Thursday

Carmenza and her daughter Gaviota are kicked out of the farm after rumors about Gaviota start circulating. Aurelis takes their side and tries to defend them, but Julia remains adamant.

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22 April 2022, Friday

Raúl steals a cell phone belonging to Gaviota. Meanwhile, Lucia cheats on Sebastian about a problem at home and seeks to stay with him until the problem is fixed.

23 April 2022, Saturday

Sebastian reveals to Bernardo and Marcela that he has doubts about Wilson’s accusations against Gaviota. Will he find out the truth? Lucrecia and Ivan are back from their romantic honeymoon.

April 24, 2022, Sunday

Gaviota reveals to her mother that she will be leaving for New York in search of Sebastian. Ivan informs Julia of his intention to oust Aura from her position.

The Scent of Passion Teasers
Ivan and Lucrecia get married but she begins to suspect that Ivan is cheating soon after their honeymoon. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

April 25, 2022, Monday

Gaviota asks if her mother can give her five million pesos. Ivan assures Pablo Emilio that he has no intention of stopping his money laundering operations.

26 April 2022, Tuesday

Carmenza goes to the police station to try to prove her daughter’s innocence. Will they believe her? On the other hand, Lucia takes care of Sebastian when he falls ill.

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27 April 2022, Wednesday

Lucrecia has suspicions about her husband’s deception. Will she have it? Gaviota is in New York, but the airport immigration officer begins to suspect her. Will she get permission?

April 28, 2022, Thursday

Gaviota manages to persuade the immigration officer to allow him to enter the United States. Aurelio reveals to Margarita that he has feelings for her while Lucrecia approaches Ivan.

29 April 2022, Friday

A desperate Sebastian scours the streets of New York to locate Gaviota. On the other hand, Gaviota is looking for a hotel she can afford.

30 April 2022, Saturday

Carmenza refuses to tell Aurelio where her daughter is. Meanwhile, Lucrecia places CCTV cameras throughout his house to make sure he watches Ivan’s every move.

The Scent of Passion Teasers
Gaviota travels to New York to look for Sebastian. Gif:, (modified by author)
Source: UGC

What happens to The scent of passion to throw?

The scent of passion on Telemundo has a star-studded cast that includes some of Spain’s greatest actors and actresses. Actress Laura Londoño plays lead female character Gaviota while actor William Levy portrays lead male character Sebastián.

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Sebastien Vallejo

He breaks up with Lucia in New York and later returns home to Colombia after the death of his father, Octavio Vallejo. He meets Gaviota, a coffee picker, and begins to develop feelings for her. He teaches her English so they can return to New York together, but the girl is kicked out of the Vallejo farm and her ex-girlfriend Lucia tries to reintegrate into his life.


Gaviota works on Octavio Vallejo’s coffee plantation and saves her boss from kidnapping. Octavio promises him and his mother Carmenza land but dies soon after. She then tries to get the Vallejo brothers, Sebastian and Ivan, to fulfill their father’s promise. Later, Carmenza and her daughter are kicked out of the farm after rumors start circulating about Gaviota, but her new boyfriend Sebastian doubts the charges.

Ivan Vallejo

He informs his family of his decision to marry Lucrecia. They have their big day and go on a romantic honeymoon. The newlyweds return home to begin living their happily ever after, but things go awry. Lucrecia begins to suspect Ivan of being unfaithful and decides to install CCTV cameras in the house. Ivan is also involved in money laundering and assures Pablo Emilio that he will continue the operations and get Aura to quit.

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The new Spanish series has a lot to offer viewers, and the above The scent of passion teasers are just a sip of the coffee waiting for you. The show will air on Telemundo Monday through Sunday at 10:00 p.m.

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