Passion for Pleasant View will be tested – The Journal

News of Pleasant View Elementary School’s potential closure in 2023 hit like a hurricane, and parents, students and community members are still in shock. One solution is to create a charter school, a Herculean task to accomplish in a year. Charter group leaders should get going now.

The good news is that the Montezuma-Cortez School District is open for the school discount. “My preference is to give them school,” Acting Superintendent Tom Burris said.

Of course, Burris wouldn’t make this decision alone. But it’s a good option to keep the doors open. The district could sell the property but would have limits on how to use the profits. Let’s say the property sold for $1 million. Burris said he couldn’t use the money to pay salaries but he could, for example, re-type high school. But it’s not necessary now. “I would go with choice A and give it to the community,” he said.

As reported in The newspaper, the council voted unanimously on June 29 to close Manaugh Primary School, deteriorating with 18 critical vacancies. But it was the amended resolution to shut down Pleasant View, which saw a 4-2 vote, that sparked impassioned calls to delay a decision and find a solution. Built in 1955, Pleasant View is very outdated and not up to state code. The community strongly supports this school of 31 students and two members of staff, as evidenced by the strong presence of 50 people at an information meeting.

Everything is going too fast, they said. Let’s do something, let’s write grants, whatever it takes.

Yesterday Jennifer Lanier, who has three children in Pleasant View, said a number of parents and community members ‘showed their support for the creation of a charter school’.

Their enthusiasm will be put to the test.

The charter application process is long; the examination is thorough. Pleasant View members need to pool their resources, bring in people with the right skills to get the application done right the first time. The charter would need a crystal clear vision, a manifestation of what the community strongly wants.

And they know what they want. This is the essence of what has been created and nurtured at Pleasant View. They already have their ideal model.