Passion for theater in Vancouver

Anais Beilin presented the play to young audiences across the country Clementine – History (True)which speaks of separation. Photo: Gaëtan Nerincx

Difficulty in hiring

In the eyes of the young woman, the theatrical performance in French in a minority setting remains a challenge. Finding French-speaking actors, directors or scenographers is the first difficulty.

“They are few in number and in great demand,” explains Anis. “You have to bring in people from other provinces, especially Montreal, which is expensive.

Insufficient funding for the theater

In addition to this personnel problem, there is not enough funding. If Anna considers herself well helped by Ottawa, especially by Canadian arts councilHe regrets the lack of support from the provincial government.

She underlined that “there is already very little budget for the artistic field, and therefore the French-speaking sector is much less”. “We would like our province to be more sensitive to culture in a minority setting, to better appreciate its Francophone artists.

complex system

The artist also notes the difficulties in reaching young Francophones. “It’s complicated because you have to go through the school management system, which is a completely closed system.