Passion Fruit Boys work there in ‘Easy’ | Nashville Cream

It usually takes a lot of effort to start something new – a new career, a new hobby, a new relationship. Even if you are successful initially, you are bound to encounter missteps, setbacks, and failures along the way. After going through this process several times, knowing that you will almost surely have to pick yourself up and dust yourself off can be daunting. Letting go of the fear of failure isn’t comfortable, but it’s the first step toward achieving what you’re starting to do.

Duncan Shea and Conor Belcher, who describe themselves as the two members of a combined band and motorcycle club called Passion Fruit Boys, are well aware that songwriting is serious business. Shea has spent years working with great songwriters, having performed with Music Band, Becca Mancari and These Darlins. Shea and Belcher also knew that taking their music to the next level meant writing their own songs – although it was a bit daunting, they had to start somewhere. So they forced themselves to give it a shot, with Shea strumming chords and Belcher singing along. In just a few minutes, they crafted the outline for their debut single “Easy”, which is now available on streaming services via independent label Telefono.

Sonically the melody echoes Born in USA-era Springsteen, with nostalgic synth melodies from Belcher’s wife, Julie, riding up driving beats. The lyrics focus on this fear of failure in a romantic relationship. It seems the pair in the song have already reached a sticking point and broken up once, despite — as Shea notes in a creamy email — the relationship being something special. Now they muster up the courage to give it another try, as Belcher sings in the chorus, “I’m coming now / By your side now / ‘Cause it’s so clear / That you’re done here / You’re coming with me.”

Today, we’re very excited to premiere the music video for the track, which you can see above. The piece features footage Shea shot on a camcorder around the Belchers’ home (including cameos of their adorable toddler), where he and Conor work on their bikes, and elsewhere. Shea explains that he was inspired by the nostalgic feel and candid nature of 80s and 90s home movies.

“It feels like what our lives are like right now, with images of what we’re doing, people playing with us, supporting us and loving us,” Shea says. “There are so many funny sequences that I wish people could see. I hope one day I will figure out how to show everything. That’s the goal, we want to invite people into our world if they want to be a part of it.

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