Passion is a powerful catalyst

Passion and adventure are two concepts that go hand in hand. Having a passion for something can arguably lead to flings and be the catalyst for making a fling seem like a good idea.

Unfortunately, the words passion and adventure are more and more hackneyed which leads to a loss of importance in our language. People describe a road trip out of town as an adventure. Buying a certain pair of shoes can help take you on your next adventure – to the dog park. Amelia Earhart or Jacques Cousteau might scoff at this description. However, it is important to remember that true passion can be a driving force in getting people to create their own adventures and the people mentioned above have followed passions in their lives, which has allowed us to admire memorable adventures. While a 3 month trip to the North Pole can never be equated with a 13 mile hike from the trailhead parking lot on flat ground, the passion for going on these trips should be equally important, depending on your situation. The perceived danger, or amount of effort required, for a particular adventure is not for us to define, but rather for each to overcome. Each of us has to call on our own level of passion to get off the couch and head for the door.

Finding a passion can be one of life’s challenges and a source of anxiety if you’re one of those people in this world who thinks you can’t precisely define or haven’t discovered your own passion. . Like so many personal choices, the definition of a passion can only be made by the individual. Wandering this planet in search of your passion might just result in some unforeseen adventures. Finding mentors or friends with similar interests could prove effective in fueling your passion. If feeling like you still don’t understand the passion in your life is causing stress, maybe all you need to do is stop the world for a minute and take an honest look at what you do every day. The things that keep you from waking up snooze and help you move on are probably the passions that you may not realize already exist in your life. There is no magic formula for following a passion leading to remarkable adventures and a sense of fulfillment; Truth be told, sometimes a trip to the grocery store can be seen as an adventure.

Feeding livestock at 10°C in a snowstorm can be your passion. Helping others at your church on days other than Sunday can be your passion. Just smiling and being kind to everyone you meet can be a passion. The takeaway here is that while you’re on your personal adventures, remember that it’s probably the passion deep within you that got you there and will help you get through it. Learn to recognize and appreciate this as you search for your next adventure.