‘Passion of the Falcons 2’ | Who’s who in the Kings-Elizondo saga?

The Telecinco channel will be broadcast next Wednesday, February 16, ‘Pasión de gavilanes 2’, the sequel to the hit Colombian fiction which 17 years ago became a phenomenon on Antena 3, coming to dominate the hitherto unbeatable ‘tomato hay Aquí’. The series, which captivated millions of viewers and told the epic love story of the Reyes brothers and the Elizondo sisters, returns to show us the vicissitudes of their descendants, who will be involved in a mysterious crime that will shake the foundations of the family.

This new season, produced by Telemundo Global Studios, has a cast led by Mario Cimarro, Danna Garcia, Natasha Klauss, Paola Rey and Juan Alfonso Baptista and the special participation of Michael Brown. In the sequel, these six performers reunite and reprise their respective characters from the original series, nearly two decades after the series premiered.

But the new installments will also have a new generation of “hawks”: the children of Juan and Norma, who are animated by three young promises of Latin American actors, Bernardo Flores (“La Doña”) in the role of Juan David, Sebastián Osorio (“The chosen granddaughter”) in the role of Erick and Juan Manuel Restrepo (‘The Queen of Flow’) as León; Franco and Sara’s children, Andrés and Gaby, played by Jerónimo Cantillo (“Los Morales”) and Yare Santana (“The Dragon: Return of a Warrior”). They are joined by Muriel, played by Camila Rojas (“A Bit of Yours”), the daughter of sultry Alcalá bar owner Rosario Montes (Zharick León).

Julio Jiménez (“The Body of Desire”) and Iván Martínez (“Madre Luna”) are the creators of this contemporary version of the iconic love story that is fully registered in the historic Colombian town of Villa de Leyva.

The Saga of the Kings-Elizondo. (media game)

The Reyes-Elizondo saga

Two decades after the three Reyes brothers – Juan (Mario Cimarro), Óscar (Juan Alfonso Baptista) and Franco (Michel Brown) – found true love with the Elizondo sisters, Norma (Danna García), Jimena (Paola Rey) and Sara ( Natasha Klauss), respectively, the two sagas came together to form a solid clan: the Reyes-Elizondo, one of the most influential families in the small town of San Marcos. However, the love of the three couples will have to face new challenges and obstacles following a dramatic event: the mysterious murder of Professor Genaro Carreño.

When The first indications of the police investigation indicate that Erick and León Reyes, two of the three children of Juan Reyes and Norma Elizondo, could be the perpetrators of the teacher’s crime, the youngest members of the family line will turn their efforts to prove their innocence. Maximum tension and unexpected challenges will test the bond that unites the Reyes-Elizondo family, which will be threatened after the arrival in town of Samuel Caballero (Sergio Goyri), a powerful and ruthless man who will do whatever is in his power. recover his wife Rosario Montes and his daughter Muriel.

Juan Reyes and Norma Elizondo

For Juan Reyes (Mario Cimarro), there is no other woman more beautiful and important than his wife Norma Elizondo (Danna García), with whom He has three children: his firstborn Juan David, with whom he has a close relationship; and twins Erick and León, two young rebels he defends at all times. When his two youngest children are involved in a strange murder, Juan Reyes will fight to protect his family as he faces powerful and disturbing adversaries.

Mario Cimarro and Danna Garcia. (media game)

Overthrown in the affairs of the succession, Norma is an active, determined and respectful woman with the farm workers and the family home. He deeply loves Juan and his three children, whom he protects and tries to understand, he offers help to his sisters Jimena and Sara, and he is firm and fights the threats to his family.

Juan David, Erick and Leon Reyes. (media game)

Juan David ReyesBernardo Flores. The firstborn of Juan Reyes and Norma Elizondo is a determined, noble and just young man. Respectful of farm workers, he adores his family, even if he sometimes disapproves of certain behaviors of his brothers Erick and León. His passionate relationship with Rosario Montes comes to an end when he falls head over heels in love with his daughter, Muriel, triggering the woman’s anger.

Erick ReyesSebastian Osorio. He makes quick decisions and acts impulsively without worrying about the consequences: this is the modus operandi of Erick, one of Norma and Juan’s children. He is a reckless young man who finds himself immersed in risky situations, to which he leads León, his twin brother, to whom he is very close. He loves women, but so far he hasn’t taken a serious interest in any of them.

Leon Reyes (Juan Manuel Restrepo). Without Erick, his great ally, León feels incomplete. She respects and obeys her twin, even if she doesn’t always agree with him. Erick’s influence has inexorably marked the character of León, who tries to go with the flow to avoid conflict. He loves his family very much, especially his mother Norma and his aunts Jimena and Sara.

Oscar Reyes and Jimena Elizondo

Kind, ironic and suspicious: this is Óscar Reyes (Juan Alfonso Baptista), brother of Juan and Franco Reyes. He is a shrewd businessman who always tries to profit, extremely affectionate with his loved ones and openly unsympathetic with those he hates. He adores Erick and León, his favorite nephews, perhaps because he and his wife Jimena Elizondo (Paola Rey) have not yet managed to have children.

Juan Alfonso Baptista and Paola Rey. (media game)

Jimena lends her image to the fashion company founded by her husband, Óscar Reyes, to whom she has been happily married for years. She is a dynamic woman, cautious and very attached to her family. Her natural flirtation sometimes arouses the jealousy of her husbandendangering marital stability. Accustomed to facing difficult situations, she does not hesitate when she has to defend her loved ones.

Franco Reyes and Sara Elizondo

Married to Sara Elizondo, with whom he has two children, Andrés and Gaby, Franco Reyes (Michel Brown) founded a family and built a successful business selling horses overseas. All was harmony and happiness until he began to feel cold and drift away from his family, a strange attitude that leads Sara to think that her husband hasn’t yet forgotten Rosario Montes, the charismatic singer at the bar. Alcala.

Michael Brown and Natasha Klauss. (media game)

The separation from her husband Franco has taken a toll on the fighter and tenacious Sara Elizondo (Natacha Klauss). As she focuses her energy on the well-being of her children, she hesitates to make important decisions. She only reacts when she sees her children being attacked, launching like a beast to defend them, showing courage and putting her opponents in their rightful place.

Andrés Reyes, son of Franca and Sara. (media game)

Andres Reyes as Jeronimo Cantillo. Son of Franco and Sara, Andrés is a cultured, distinguished and intelligent young man who has completed his musical studies and wishes to pursue his career as a composer. Back in San Marcos, he became artistic and musical director of the Alcalá bar, directed by Rosario Montes. After meeting Muriel, he maintains a close friendship with his boss’s daughter.

Yare Santana, daughter of Franco and Sara. (media game)

Gaby Reyes (Yare Santana). Student in Modern Languages, Gaby, sister of Andrés, is an empathetic girl who will feel attracted to Nino Barcha (Jonathan Bedoya), a young man from her study group whom she will try to free from the dangerous environment in which he lives. , a generous initiative that will eventually cause problems. Despite her youth and inexperience, she is a woman who does not fear danger.

Rosario Montes

After marrying billionaire Samuel Caballero, Rosario Montes (Zharick León) has traveled the world surrounded by luxury and now returns to San Marcos, the city where she got her start as a singer. Tired of her opulent existence, she is determined to unleash her passion. Moved by her desires, she will become obsessed with Juan David Reyes, a situation that will lead her to confront her own daughter.

Rosario Montes. (media game)

Samuel Knight

The main antagonist of the Reyes-Elizondo is Samuel Caballero (Sergio Goyri), a prestigious plastic surgeon who has amassed a great fortune through family heirlooms and a successful professional career. Arrogant by nature, he is a cruel and inflexible man who uses his dominance to command respect.

muriel knight

Daughter of Rosario Montes and the powerful Samuel Caballero, Muriel (Camila Rojas) is an elegant, cultured, passionate and resolute young woman. Accustomed to taking on great challenges, she draws on her intelligence to make the most of each situation. When she falls in love with her, she always shows her love for him, she takes advantage of it and defends him until the last consequences.

Muriel Caballero, daughter of Rosario and Samuel. (media game)

The success of ‘Pasión de gavilanes’

Premiered on October 21, 2003 on Colombian network Caracol Televisión, “Pasión de gavilanes” was a huge hit in its home country, where it averaged 40.8% and ended airing on July 23, 2004. the third most watched production in the history of Colombia. Its extraordinary success crossed the Colombian border, conquering viewers in many Latin American countries, among which Argentina stands out, where today it is the most watched foreign telenovela in the country’s history. Acclaimed by millions of viewers in the Americas and the rest of the world, the fiction has also become a truly international phenomenon, having been sold in more than 40 countries.

‘Pasión de gavilanes’ achieved a modest 14.4% in its first month of broadcast on Antena 3

The last two episodes of the series on Antena 3 went to the “prime time” slot. ‘Pasión de gavilanes’ led the evening ahead of ‘Big Brother’ with more than 5.2 million viewers (27%). The soap opera reached peak viewership of 6.6 million and 32% of the “share”. The Atresmedia channel signed one of its best data of the season on Thursday. Despite everything, the “reality” of Mercedes Milá continued with more than 4 million viewers.

“Passion of Falcons” was seen throughout the season by 85.2% of the population. The most remarkable follow-ups by territory reach 85.8% in the Basque Country, 84.3% in Galicia, 83.9% in Catalonia, 89% in Madrid, 94% in Castilla-La Mancha and 94% at 0.9% in Andalusia.