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The Abbi agency began around Abbi Whitaker’s kitchen table in 2009 at the height of one of the deepest economic recessions in modern history. Founded by sisters Abbi Whitaker and Constance Aguilar, the agency began with a staunch dedication to intelligent and results-oriented public relations.

The early tech expertise landed key accounts of tech startups backed by companies in New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area. The agency has since grown from a PR firm to a fully integrated agency with a full creative team, web development department, pay media division and public affairs experts. The Abbi agency recently expanded its customer base across the country, partnering with destinations and businesses in Montana, Utah, New Mexico, California and beyond.

Even though the Abbi agency has 35 employees, Reno has remained the heart and home of the company. With a second office in Las Vegas and additional team members around the world, Reno’s office still functions as the perfect mothership for a dynamic and growing center for new ideas.

Personality and passion are deeply rooted in the agency. Whether it’s creating a beer festival from scratch or having playwrights and painters on its staff, The Abbi Agency is not afraid of original ideas.

The success of their clients measures the success of the agency. Abbi’s agency has helped clients adopt voting measures for school funding, represented tech companies through hundreds of millions of dollars in funding, and even worked with an online yarn business with great success. . Representing tourist clients such as Kalispell, Montana; Morro Bay; Carmel-by-the-Sea and Saint Helena have been inspiring and enriching. There are also key Nevada statewide accounts, such as Nevada Health Link, Nevada DMV, and Nevada Department of Wildlife.

Like most businesses, The Abbi Agency faces its fair share of challenges. A unique challenge comes in the form of a question: “What’s next? The agency does not work in a stagnant industry. Their media landscape is constantly changing. Communication methods, from animation to video capabilities, are changing almost hour by hour. The same is true for social media platforms. The agency continually challenges itself to look to the future, to be original and to think of two or three steps in the future.

Two Abbi Agency campaigns come to mind which illustrate the dedication of their team to their profession and to the public good.

First, the Save Our Schools voting measure was a huge step forward for education in northern Nevada. The agency volunteered its time and led the campaign from start to finish. Generations of students in northern Nevada will benefit from the success of this voting measure.

Second, a series of economic development campaigns were created to bring Reno back from the Great Recession. The Abbi Agency has worked on many efforts, including several pro bono, to support our Reno businesses and economic development.

Is there a question The Abbi Agency wants people to ask them? The answer is yes. They love it when clients want to think big, be truly original, and be incredibly creative in an efficient way. This question is, “Can you tell me what you think is best?” Why? Because the experts trust the experts. The agency’s clients are experts in their industry. Abbi Agency is the marketing expert that helps every business thrive.

What best describes the Abbi agency? These words come to mind: creativity, passion, original ideas, disruptive spirit, concern for the public good, constant learners, experts in digital practices, experts in social media platforms, and never settle for a mediocre campaign. creative.

There is no doubt that The Abbi Agency will continue to push the boundaries of what its independent Reno-based agency can achieve for clients around the world.

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