Polestar Passion-Sharer concept car can flaunt any sky in its cramped cabin

There are many visions and concepts of self-driving cars in the distant future. Some of them keep the conventional seating layout inside, just without the steering wheel and with lots of touchscreens. Others turn all seats inward, inviting conversations and social bonding as the robot inside the car safely whisks you to your destination. However, there may be times when you just want to sit back and relax, enjoying the skies while riding the highways of the future. In that future, you might not even have to confine yourself to your own location and gaze at the starry skies of Tokyo on your way to work in New York.

Creator: Xiqiao Wang

The majority of futuristic car concepts seem content to dress the dashboard and screen windows, some even interactive. These use nearly every visible side of the car’s interior to maximize the number of things people can see and touch. Curiously, all of these visions leave out the plain, boring cabin roof, almost like they’re stuck in the 2000s, a limitation this Passion-Sharer self-driving car wants to break free from.

Although mainly inspired by Polestar’s precept in terms of basic aesthetics, this concept almost takes the language to an extreme and crushes the car almost in a box. The Passion-Sharer has cleaner lines and edges than a typical car, and its lowered cabin makes you wonder if there’s even room for human passengers.

The secret is that the seats actually recline so far that they’re almost horizontal, an angle that’s more associated with sleeping than driving a car. This odd position is for the sole purpose of having an unobstructed view of the tinted roof which acts as the literal only window to the outside world. Most of the time, however, Passion-Sharer passengers will see someone else’s sky, or at least that’s the idea.

The “sky screen”, as it is called, can display real-time views of another Passion-Sharer owner’s sky, which would make it look like they are sharing the same sky. This requires there to be other car owners in transit during that time, although it’s entirely possible to just have footage recorded for convenience. Of course, this touchscreen interface can be used for other purposes, and it may be the only interface available in this car anyway.

To some extent, this Polestar-inspired Passion-Sharer carries far more safety risks than other self-driving car concepts. Given the reclined seats and the lack of other direct controls, it would be nearly impossible for humans to intervene in an emergency. It’s a concept that requires perfecting self-driving technologies before people can enjoy serene skies without worrying about heavy traffic ahead.