R. Mika’s invisible wall from his normal Passion Rope Throw command may be back in Street Fighter 5’s definitive update

R. Mika received a pretty drastic change to his base kit in Street Fighter 5 during the first deployment of Season 2. As of this point, R. Mika’s Passion Rope Throw forward and reverse command normals will not would behave more like there was an invisible wall in the middle of the screen.

However, ElChakotay, a contestant who held his own with R. Mika despite the nerf, commented that R. Mika could bring that nerf back. ElChakotay provided video evidence of how the split-second clip seen in the Definitive Update trailer is indicative of this.

Although R. Mika didn’t receive the same attention as characters like Ryu and Juri in the Definitive Update trailer, there is a very brief scene that shows Zangief recovering from R’s Passion Rope Throw. Mika (or Irish Whip) in one direction. to R. Mika.

In his video, ElChakotay is able to identify the relative location of where it all happens on one of the Capcom Pro Tour stages. This scene takes place closer to the middle rather than one of the corners.

All in all, it’s actually pretty reasonable to assume that Capcom would be hiding a little hint of what’s to come during this portion of the Definitive Update trailer. It makes sense that Capcom wants fans to investigate every nook and cranny to find out the changes for themselves before the official release of the patch notes.

Check out ElChakotay’s video on the subject below: